Thursday, 10 January 2008

School Again.

Okay, haven't blogged lately cause there's just to many things to do. Blah. School's reopened again. And I feel so lethargic and lazy to blog about every single day. So I'll just post the significant stuff.

First day of school. So we have a new classroom up at the 4th level, new teachers, but same classmates. Woah, spending the past few days back in school listening to teachers teach and adjusting back to school life again.

Went to collect my IC too. Like my picture looks so...weird. Like my skin from neck down is black but my forehead is white? Dam weird la, I feel like a photoshop gradient or something. =/ And speaking of which I haven't had time to install photoshop yet.

Sec 1 CCA Orientation on Friday. Did our like Open House Parade thing showcasing total defense and the cooperation between the uniformed groups. I don't think forming a barricade showcases NPCC as a uniformed group la, but everyone is bound to feel unfair in these kinds of situations.

Wah, had to give like those speeches introducing NPCC to the sec 1's, like so stress la, making up everything as I said it. -.-

NP ended at around 6, then went for dinner with np people, then went for cell.

Met up with Denise and Hao Xiang on Saturday to go find Woei Jiun's present. We went from Dhoby Ghaut to City Hall to Bishan searching for a Mcfly cd for Woei Jiun. We only found the "Greatest Hits One" which costs $46 at HMV. =/ In the end we bought a Sylvester soft toy from Mini Toons.

Took bus 13 from Bishan to Potong Pasir where we changed to MRT cause the bus takes a long time. =D Ate steamboat at Boon Keng.

Haha quite okay la, we like spam lots of meat and no one really paid attention to the soup. =D Ate until super full. Then they started making scrambled eggs and French toast. Haha dam weird la, everyone around us all barbecuing whilst we are making French toast.

Went home at around 10:30, then I took LRT with Denise and went with her to buy a newspaper. Haha. Then I walked home. Reached home at close to midnight? =P

Went for worship practice on Sunday. Wee. Haven't exactly practiced From The Inside Out. But I memorized how to play the song already. Playing the intro and solo parts on electric guitar is different. Easier to press, but harder to maintain cause the tension is less that that of an acoustic? So all my notes like off key one. =\

Went to Chinatown OG after that to find New Year clothes. Like gosh, I had a killer headache cause of the bus ride and still must search for clothes. Bought a Billabong shirt but didn't buy any jeans. Then ate dinner and went home.

Watched The Noose. Hahaha super funny. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their English, seriously. Especially for oral examinations. =D

School on Monday. Blah. School is so boring I shall only blog about the interesting things that happened. Like how we were at the canteen and Xue Ee asked me to reserve a table for her. Then I agreed and went to sit at a table all by myself emo-ing away whilst she went to buy food. Then went she came back she decided to go sit with Li Ling and Wan Ting so I reserved the table for nothing. Wasted 10 minutes of my life can? Haha but I got a sweet in the end so it's not that bad. =P

Okay what else happened? A Maths exam! Which I didn't exactly study much. So I don't really know about the outcome. I don't really seem to be thinking much about it though. =X

O yes I fell asleep during Physics lesson on Tuesday. I seem so proud about it haha! But I think it's cause the combination of being tired and the er...interesting lesson. But super cool can, I lapsed into some semi-conscious state where I could hear everything going on around me but I was also dreaming at the same time. =D

And I learned how to do infinity! Haha awesome! Thanks to Stephen and Jun Han. Now we're like the pen freaks in class cause we're always spinning pens. Even during recess. But it's fun okay, there's something satisfying about balancing and controlling the velocity of the pen so that it continues it's rotation in an "infinite" loop. Hence the name infinity. (I'm talking about a pen trick btw.)

Oh yes, more random stupid stuff. I'm now the English representative in class? Gah. Like now I have to collect money and collect worksheets and books and whatever. Horrible. I have no experience in collecting money okay. Do I look like the kind of person you can trust with your money? Of course not! But our new English teacher's quite fun la, like she can "自 High" one.

Okay I think I can't remember everything that happened la. But this past few days have been super fast? Like everyday is just whizzing past. Sighs.

And I haven't set my New Year resolution yet! Gah! My New Year Resolution is: 1920 X 1200. From my laptop. (You can leave your "Minghui super lame!" comments at the tagboard.)

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