Monday, 28 January 2008

Over The Weekend.

Okay spent my Saturday morning waking up at 6am, then going to school.

Saw quite a few teachers at the school canteen, cause there was some Gourmet Food Tour at Malacca. O.O

Went to Nan Chiau Secondary to participate in a mini Campcraft Competition between Pei Hwa and Nan Chiau. The school layout is almost identical to Punggol Secondary/North Vista Secondary? I think there's quite a few other secondary schools also identical. Like there's the canteen, hall on top, sinks and water coolers to one side, toilets at one corner, stalls at the other side. =O Even the benches are the same type?

Competition was...blah.

Went for lunch at Burger King after that with Eugene, Hao Xiang, Wei Kit and Chee Sheng. Eugene bought a fish burger because he wanted the 'Caution: May Contain Fish Bones' sticker.

And I borrowed Digital Fortress from Eugene.

Went home, then went out to Sentosa with family again for dinner.

Haven't been to Sentosa for about 2 months. Haha, that's a long time for me okay? Went to the Kofu food court there for dinner, then walked down the beach and back.

Went back to Vivo and explored around aimlessly for a while then went home.

Overslept for Church on Sunday. =X So I decided to spend the entire day lazing at home not doing anything in particular. Alternated between reading Digital Fortress and doing the blogskin.

Saw Hao Xiang, Matthew and Bryan standing at the corner of the D&T block on Monday. Haha, we all started doing the flapping action randomly. And asking for one more chances. Like we can entertain ourselves anytime, anyplace with anyone. Haha.

Mr Koh was absent today. There was supposed to be a worksheet but it turns out we already did the worksheet. Haha. In the end we sat around talking. Malvin had this horrific, vile video which I should not describe here. =D Like there was this guy, and this other guy, and this other guy did something to this guy and something happened. There. =)

Finished Digital Fortress by Dan Brown. It's like a mystery novel la. But it's really short compared to Stephen King Novels. Haha. Some parts are kind of gray, like how can a simple 64bit encryption key take 30 hours to crack if it's not in virus loop or a continuously reshuffling cleartext?

Rest of the lessons were pretty boring with nothing much to blog about.

Oh yes, Ivan and me were attempting to catch Lenson off-guard and poke this area just below his armpits. Haha, Lenson jumps super high if you do that. (Faster go try!!!) We stopped after our Social Studies teacher wondered aloud if we were really Secondary 4 students.

Went to cut hair after school with Eugene. Supposed to be Chee Sheng, Hao Xiang, Eugene and me. But Hao Xiang cut his hair on Sunday, Chee Sheng ended class at 12:30 and went to cut his hair, leaving Eugene and me by ourselves. =(

Walked home after that. Saw Lynn walking away from Serangoon Secondary, actually she saw me first and shouted across the road, then I pretended not to know her. =P

Then less than 10 seconds later I saw Chin Ee sitting at the bus stop opposite. Haha. I think it's a weird coincidence that I meet both people I know from the same Secondary school within 10 seconds of each other when they both don't know each other. =D

Okay then I went home after that and wasted away the rest of my boring, uneventful life.

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