Friday, 25 January 2008

Common Tests.

Yes. Tests are getting more and more common now. =(

Okay, woke up at 6am on Thursday feeling the muscle cramps and everything. But I wasn't that tired la, haha. Still felt kind of high. =D

Had PE first thing in the morning. Wee, ran 2 rounds for warm up then played Captains' Ball. Haha. Final score was around Boys 30 to Girls 2. Yea, was super high during PE too. And I didn't have a sore throat man! Even though I shouted like crazy during the camp.

After PE was recess. After recess was Geography.

Gosh Geography is getting more and more profound. Lesson was about the Core-Periphery Model which can be applied to most developing and non-developing countries. It's like a gray area between Economics and Geography as we're studying a bit on Supply/Demand and Inflation and all that too. =/ Haha, I like economics as long as there's no maths involved. =D

Then was Chemistry, learned the Quantitative Analysis or something like that. We're supposed to memorize that Iron(II) turns green and Iron(III) turns red-brown when reacted with Sodium Hydroxide and Ammonia along with the rest of the list.

Then was English. Gosh, there was a composition test on argumentative essay writing which I completely forgot about. But you can't really study much for such tests anyways. I chose a topic on "Dangerous Sports Should Be Banned. Do You Agree?" or something like that. Gah. All my factors were kind of lousy in my opinion.

And I got back my previous argumentative essay. 21/30 marks. =X

Social Studies SBQ test immediately after. Blee. I think I misinterpreted the Source. =(

Went to Ivan's house with View Meng and Yi Peng to play Halo 2 after that. Haha. Like so many tests and so many things to do yet I still have time to go someone's house to play Halo 2 lah. But I haven't touched Halo 2 for about 8 months already. Haha. Won every match man! Okay I shall stop my egoistic ramblings.

Walked home with Yi Peng at around 5pm.

Went to school the next day. (duh) Assembly Period was spent talking about the Hong Kong and Perth trips. Haha. Dam paiseh la, going on stage to sing a 'song'. We should have sung the Sandboarding rap, but we all forgot about it. =X

Then was E Maths lesson. Something about Cumulative Frequency (Haha I remember!!) and graphs and tables and quartiles and interquartile things.

Then was Geography. More stuff about the Core-Periphery thing. How the Periphery is affected by the spread and backwash effects. O.O

History SEQ test. Although it was open book, I had no idea what I was writing. I just wrote whatever came to mind and copied whatever was on the book. =/

LCE lesson was on developing different aspects of a person. Positive and Negative messages. Girls were chosen to write positive messages and guys negative ones on the board. Haha. I don't understand why "I would take pleasure in reading your obituary" is not negative. Maybe it's too harsh to be just a 'negative' message. =( In the end the girls win la, it would be wrong if the negative messages outnumbered positive ones.

NPCC training after that. Sec 3s went for their Marksmanship but Woei Jiun and I didn't go along. Did the OIC for events list instead.

PT was Captains' Ball, no time for us NCOs to play. =/ Tried to make people enthusiastic and high. Blee.

Went for dinner at LJS, then went home. Didn't go for Cell cause I have to wake up at 6am tomorrow.

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