Sunday, 13 January 2008

Perth Day 5.

Okay it's been like 3 months since I went to Perth but I have not blogged about the entire 6 days yet. Haha. I think no one wants to read it la, but you don't have to read it anyways. =P Do comment me on any stupid grammatical, constructional, or vocabulary errors. =)

Anyways, day 5 started with me and Lenson waking up at around 6am. No one else was awake. Haha. We went out and decided to walk around the perimeter of the hotel.

It's like, super cold la. And quite a lot of people were already walking about at 6:30am. Madness.

Went back to our room after that. Had breakfast which was fried rice in a container. Not exactly appetizing la. Then everyone was given 3 hours to go shop at this shopping mall which was full of warehouse shops. Like much cheaper than Singapore cause it's WAREHOUSE. Hahaha. Spent the first hour buying 2 shirts, Chee Sheng's birthday present(From PERTH), and just walking around aimlessly. Then we went to take photos again! Haha.

We walked to the shopping mall we went the other day. 'We' as in Lenson, Mr Yeo, View Meng and me.

Purple Tree!! Okay I'm being childish and immature on purpose.

Camp Firewood! Okay you need to be in NPCC to get the joke man! Haha so join NP! XD

We saw the wooden house from Day 4, but there were a bunch of children shouting into those red 'loudspeakers'. Haha! We should have stuff like this in Singapore instead of "Catch Barney LIVE!!!" or "Batman Showdown!" or something.

Poor pink plush toy.

We went to a shop that had this wall full of hat designs. Like I saw this Billabong hat which I bought in Singapore just 2 days before Perth selling at $10 cheaper. And there's so many more designs la. Heart pain. Blee.

Then we went back, boarded the bus, and went to this SciTech Discovery Centre.
Haha there was this heat scanner camera thing that detects your body heat. So we spent time admiring how hot we were. =P There's lots of other exhibits and hands-on experiments there. But I think Singapore's Science Centre is more diverse and has many of the exhibits already.

Didn't really take a lot of photos at the Centre cause I was just to busy playing with the things to do. Like there's this robotic thing that draws an image of you on paper. So just when it was about to take my picture for drawing a bunch of people came up and started covering my face and everything. The end result was something that doesn't look human. =\

Boarded the bus again, this time we went to Caversham Wildlife Park. Oh yes, on the way I had this can of Pepsi Max which I twisted into an Art Sculpture.
Haha, now I must insert some relatively profound perspective on the design and inspiration for this painstakingly crafted piece of 'art'.

Okay moving on, we saw some tame kangaroos and could actually pet them. Wee.

They ate like very slowly and lazily man. Probably cause it was in the Afternoon which is their sleeping time.

I didn't really! =\

Look at the bird's eyes, one moment perfectly fine, next moment...

Like ISSAC MENDEZ!!! (Okay if you don't get it, you should watch Heroes)

It looks so sad...

Yes we got to see and touch Koalas too!

After the visit to the Park, it was back to Perth's City Centre for dinner. The restaurant was like a 20 minutes walk away.

The ongoing construction to the left was for a Perth Arts Centre thing. The way they used the fence as a canvas was cool man.

Impossible is Nothing-Adidas.

Red Tree!! I'm being childish and immature again on purpose.

Haha, for those who didn't notice cars whizzing past them in the opposite direction.

Insert wisecrack about how PSP in the sign means Playstation Portable here.

We rarely see more than 1 train track here in Singapore at any given time, even if you count the MRTs.

They allow alpha-numeric license plates in Australia, so we saw cars with "H3AT" and such there.

Had our dinner at a Chinese Restaurant again. And we were seating right next to this steamboat buffet table with lots and lots of nice edible things. But we weren't eating buffet. Awws.

Went back to our room, Lenson took pictures of Wan's scale-model planes and helicopters, and View Meng treated us to Mushroom soup and hot chocolate which is super nice! =D

And that ends Day 5.

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