Tuesday, 15 January 2008

In A Week.

Okay haven't updated in a long time again. Blah. Everything's just so uneventful and boring that I'll just blog about the interesting things that happened the past 7 days and forget about the rest. =D

Went to Singapore Polytechnic after school last Friday. Was quite okay la, we were given free rein to walk about everywhere and explore the Polytechnic's open house. Like, got free goodie bag! GASP! And free drinks and ice cream! But we weren't fast enough to grab the ice cream. Blah.

Walked around the school with Jun Han, Stephen and Alvin. Walked around looking at the different students' final year projects. Some were quite interesting. Then we went to the design school, walked around to 3 different canteens until we decided to eat at KFC. Like of all the unique and probably impossible to find elsewhere foods in Singapore Poly, and we chose to eat KFC. Dunno whose funny idea la. *whistling*

Went to the front steps outside the Polytechnic's convention centre where we spent like an hour just sitting around and taking photos. Blee.

Took a train down to City Hall at exactly 5pm as stated on the consent form. See we're such obedient and good children. Heh. Walked from City Hall to Suntec, ate at Pizza Hut.

Went home after that cause it was kind of late for cell. Blee.

Went cycling at Pasir Ris Park on Saturday! Awesome! I haven't cycled for like, a year? And I haven't gone out with my family for a week or so already.

Went for Worship Ministry meeting on Sunday. Sort of like a re-commitment thing. It's still like 3 months before I step down from NPCC. Kind of like, caught between both worlds?

Went down to Church for Worship practice on Tuesday. Haha. Met my sis at Hougang MRT, then went to Bishan. Gosh. There's 2 bubble tea shops located less than 20 metres from each other? And they both slashed their prices until like, 30 cents for a cup of Soya Bean. Gosh, isn't that like losing lots of money? But anyways, it benefits the consumer. Haha. Bought a cup of Blueberry at 40 cents.

Worship practice was quite fun. Learned quite a bit about Worship dynamics and everything too. =)

Okay, I had school for the rest of the time la. Boring. School is boring. Nothing interesting really happened la. Minghui has a boring and uneventful life. Sighs.

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