Saturday, 19 January 2008

Perth Day 6.

Yay it's the last post about Perth. Haha finally!

Okay started the day waking up at our City Stay Apartment. Breakfast was something like dry noodles? Ate, then boarded the bus to go to The Pinnacles. It was a longer than usual bus ride because The Pinnacles were quite far away.

It's like this vast area of sand dotted by these huge pillars. They were formed when the seashells morphed into lime which did something to the sand and the vegetables grew on top but later died and disappeared due to the wind.

Haha. Imagine if you were to visit the place at night. It's like an ancient graveyard or something. And I think it's easy to get lost there.

We stopped at a rest stop for lunch on the way back. Fish and Chips. Blee.

Poncho!! No I'm not obsessed or anything.

We saw a couple of these huge truck things through the entire trip. They're called 'Road Trains'? Haha like those SMRT buses you know?

The space between the bus window was literally filled with flies. Cause they entered in through the bus door and just tired themselves to death bang against the clear window wondering why they couldn't escape. So sad right?? We should start a committee to look into the welfare of these flies. =)

Next stop was this freshwater river with it's mouth closed off from the sea because of some naturally occurring process. We had a boat ride around the river.

The sign says No Diving.

I think the river guide was awesome. Like he told us a story about how one of the East India Company's ship sank around here and how the treasure was never found. =D

We went sand boarding after that. The dunes there were really nice. And sand boarding is quite fun. Like when you go down it's like sliding or something. Going up is an entirely different story however. Your legs will feel super nua after a while.

Didn't take many pictures though. Haha. =X

After sand boarding for about an hour, we took the boat again to the mouth of the river. Where there was a barbecue.

Emo people...

Went around taking pictures after eating.

Haha these birds were like lined up along the fence all facing the same direction.

I dunno how anyone could have reached up so high to paste that sticker.

We climbed up the the top of the hill, then went down to the beach.

Yup, that's the last picture I took. I've posted a total of 220 pictures from Day 1 till now. =X

But the trip wasn't over yet. Haha. We boarded the bus again, this time going to an observatory out in the countryside for stargazing. Blee. But it was a cloudy day and we couldn't see anything other than the moon. =(

Then back to Perth International Airport, the plane ride back was quite okay. Like not as exhilarating anymore. I slept almost throughout the plane ride la. =/

Reached back Singapore at around 6am, went home with my family. =)

Went to sleep then went for NPCC Non-Residential Camp the next day. =D

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