Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Perth Day 4.

Day 4. Woke up at around 6am feeling super super cold? The Sun was already up but everyone was still asleep. Went for a walk with Mr Yeo, Mr Koh, Lenson and Nick Chew.


We walked over a couple of hills seeing if we could see the landscape entirely, but we only saw more hills. =/

Crossed over a small stream in between rocks.

Yup, after our walk was breakfast.

Butter and Jam! No la, we had a breakfast consisting of bacon, sausages, toast and beans.

We went to an Ice Cream Factory after that. Yay free ice cream! The ice cream was quite nice, and we met a Singaporean family there that lives in Kovan. The tour itself was quite okay, but I think we have ice cream factories in Singapore too? All the techniques are pretty self-explanatory in my opinion.

Boarded the bus again and we drove up to the City of Rockingham. Minghui has such awesome memory. =D

That's a picture of a dustbin btw.

Had our lunch there which was pizza, pizza and pizza. At first we thought there would be very few pizzas to eat, but they served us about 7 or 8 pizzas per table of 14? Ate until super full la. =/

Boarded the bus again towards Perth. Along the way we stopped at a beach.

The beach is like, super windy and cold even though it's sunny. Haha and I met this guy who gave me a seashell as a souvenir.

The guy is swimming in ocean. =D

Boarded the bus again, was quite a long drive. =/

Finally reached Perth at around 2pm?

Everyone was given an hour and half of free time to go shopping. But I spent this time to go exploring the city with Lenson and Mr Yeo instead.

Saw quite a number of Christmas decorations, but I don't think can compare to Orchard Road? =D

This was one of those 4 way junctions where everyone just waits for the green man.

When the green man comes on, you can just walk diagonally, straight, sideways, haha.

We walked past a bus interchange, a subway station, numerous buildings, quite a few skyscrapers although many buildings are just 1 or 2 storeys high.

They have an Esplanade in Perth too. =)

Zebra crossing.

The traffic light buttons are the same as Singapore's. =D

We walked until we reached The Esplanade, where we could see the other half of Perth on the other side.

This building was an Arts center of some sort. At the end of Barracks street la, I forgot what it is really. =/

Sundial, so it was around 4:20 when this picture was taken.

The sky was really clear and blue with not a single cloud in sight? And it was cold even though it was bright and sunny.

So romantic!!! Aaaaa!


Imagine riding a Segway to work everyday. Haha fun!

There were various public toilets which look super high tech. Haha, like you have to press a button to open the door. =D

There were water coolers too. Singapore should have public water coolers man. Although I imagine there would be a super long queue. =)

The ticket sign has high value photographically. Heh.

We were like the last to return from "shopping". Went for dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

Chinese food! Actually there was more food la, but I didn't take any photographs. =P

Kikkoman Soy Sauce! disturbing. XD

Went back to our apartment motel room thing after that. Then was nothing much la, except Lenson and me went online at around 10pm Singapore time. Then we went to sleep.

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