Sunday, 28 October 2007

Labrador Park.

Went Labrador Park on Saturday with Lenson, Denise and Woei Jiun. Haha, been there before but that was a long time ago.

Before that, I went to Denise house cause she didn't want to go out after she went home and I didn't want her to come my house... cause I'm evil! HEH Passed her Step Up and Stomp The Yard. At first we were watching Stomp The Yard but after 5 minutes she didn't get the storyline so we watched Step Up instead. -.-

Then went Hougang Mall where I got blamed for trying to hold a water bottle and 2 cups of sweettalk. Sighs... =(

Then went to Lenson's house's bus stop where Lenson's father brought us to Labrador Park. Took quite a few pictures, but I'm too lazy to post so go Lenson's blog to see. =)
Haha, except for this photo which looks like some advertising campaign for clothes? Just need some editing.
Not bad right? I should have edited the contrast or white balance or clone stamped off some parts, but ah whatever. =P

Then Lenson's father brought us for dinner. Kway Chap with duck meat. Quite nice. =D Then his father sent us home. =D

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