Friday, 26 October 2007


Okay, really didn't have time at all to blog this entire week. =/

Swamped by too many things to do I guess. Strange thing is it's almost the same as last year, except now I'm signing up for things I didn't do last year, and I have almost no problems with any friends. =)

Okay, starting from Campcraft training last Saturday, it's going to be a super long post, haha. Training was tiring, was still kind of irritated cause of the clashes between the camp and the Perth Trip, but ah whatever. Timing to set up a tent was cut to about 8 minutes, so that's quite good? Went home and slept until about 5+ because I was tired.

But I didn't just slack around at home okay? I read Dreamcatchers by Stephen King. It's about aliens and invasion and viruses and this Native American object called dreamcatcher. Now I want to watch that movie, it's a nice book with a meaningful ending anyways. =D

Then went out for dinner at Vivo City, then went to Sentosa. I think I've been to Sentosa like 4 times this month already, but never mind. Watched the "Songs Of The Sea" again, I think I can almost memorise the entire show already. =\

Sunday, went to Eugene's house to discuss the Passing Out Parade with Sec 3s, kind of reminiscent I guess. Hao Xiang, Eugene and me started translating the song lyrics for Numb into Chinese, then the song lyrics for I Don't Love You. Stupid, haha, we were laughing at ourselves cause the lyrics were super weird. Left his house at around 9pm, then went home and started on the video thing again, which leads to me sleeping at 4am.

Promotion Exercise on Monday=No school! Cause the teachers are all busy debating on whether or not to "promote" us to the next level, so they have no time for us. So I could theoretically wake up late right?

Set my alarm clock to 8.30am, but only woke up at 9am by Woei Jiun's call. Felt super tired and my eyelids felt like they were lined with metal bars, but I've suffered worse forms of sleep deprivation, so it wasn't that bad. =P

Went to Sentosa with Hao Xiang, Eugene, Chee Sheng, Wei Ting, Nina, Woei Jiun and Elaine. Ya, like, again!?!? It's less than 2 days since you went to Sentosa, and again?!?!

Haha, but we went to Siloso beach to play volleyball, and the beach was deserted. Cause it was a normal school day for others, so there were very few people at the beach. Yay fun. Played volleyball at the empty volleyball courts, then swam with Chee Sheng and Eugene to the breakwater(Geography!), then walked with Hao Xiang and Eugene to the 7-11 and sort of jumped/hopped/walked cause the pathway was scorching and only Hao Xiang wore slippers.

And we saw Lenson's brother there! Haha, was like wondering why Wei Ting asked if Lenson got a brother, then saw Winson with a bunch of people from our school. Haha, going Sentosa is a great idea if only your school is having a holiday. =D

Ate at Pastamania for dinner, then went home. By that time my eyes were going to close at any moment already, and I turned horribly black cause of the Sun.

Tuesday, went to school in a I dun wanna study mood. But no one was really studying anyways, except for Math's lesson. Bleh. Learned something about Arc Length and Area of Sector, but that's all we learned. =D

And had Pizza for Pure Geography cause everyone in the class passed. Haha, I didn't expect Mr. Koh to buy the pizza too. O.O And there were super funky types of pizza. Like Tom Yam? And Chicken Rice or something like that. Weirdness. =)

Went to Compass Point to discuss Passing Out Parade things with our instructor again, haha, NP people around me were all very angry cause I kept saying I ate pizza already when they were deciding what to eat for lunch. =D Reached home at around 6, then worked on the video again.

Wednesday, Prize Presentation cause it's the 3rd last day of school. Kind of reminded me of last year too, except now I topped the level in Geography instead of English, and now my English has dropped to a A2. =( Heh, and the MC for the presentation pronounced my name like :"Zeng...Ming...Hei..." =\

Watched a documentary for Physics on Savant. So cool la, like daredevil with use echolocation. Blee.

Hi Musical Auditions after school, Lenson and I took photographs with his two D80s. Gah. I kind of regret taking photos with a D80, cause now all my photos look so lousy and low-res compared to the D80 photos. The colour saturation is much nicer with a D80 too.
Took many more photos, but I don't feel like posting them. =P

Anyways, took photos of the people auditioning until the end, then went to space for a while where Lenson played the Secret. =D

Thanksgiving Mass on Thursday. Kind of like a time to reflect back in that sense. Started thinking about this same moment last year and what's changed in that time span. Like almost every aspect of my life has been altered in some way or another, and it's only been a year.

Watched videos for Physics again, haha. And lessons ended early at 11.30 cause we didn't have higher Chinese. Heh.

Went to Lenson's house with Woei Jiun and Denise cause there's some photography competition on Nature Conservation. Should ask Guan You for ideas but he's in NS. Haha. Then stayed at his house for a while and took 72 to Tampines. Ate at KFC where we all ate Meltz, then took bus 67 to Bukit Timah Hill, except the bus ride was super long. And me and Lenson like saw the road leading up to Bukit Timah Hill, but then we thought the bus will like go one round around the hill, but then it didn't so we were like 5 bus stops away. Then we wanted to walk around the hill back to where the entrance was, but then we took the wrong road. Haha, and the girls were complaining all the way la. -.-

Blee, in the end we didn't go up the hill cause it was already quite late, so took a taxi to Hougang and Woei Jiun and me started suan-ing Denise. Heehee. Like "If you don't talk, no one will say you are dumb."

And I really dislike Lenson's camera now, now I think that all the photos I took are super low quality. Grr.

Then we went to Lenson's house and he taught me how to play The Secret Duet on piano. Awesome! We're gonna be a couple playing together! Hahaha.

Then I went home, and started chiong-ing for the videos cause it wasn't even done halfway and the deadline was the next day. In the end I slept at around 4am. Again. =/

Friday, got back our report book and test papers, supposed to organise all our test papers nicely into a clear folder to pass to our parent's to check, but I just threw everything in and folded it pretty messily. Heehee. And my results are atrociously horrible. I think it's the first time I ever got so low for my result slip okay? Bleh.

Spent about 2 hours cleaning up the class, so called "spring" cleaning, but it's not even Spring unless you are in the Southern Hemisphere? But Singapore is in the Northern Hemisphere, so it should be "fall" cleaning. Okay never mind I'm being stupid. =D

Then went to PSL interview with Hao Xiang, Nina and Li Jing. Like the 4 of us could go first as we had NPCC later. And Yi Hong looked shocked to see all NP people. Haha. It feels weird to interview for a PSL, like catching up on something you did not want to do last year?

Then went for NPCC training. Instructors came even though they said they would not come. so much for honesty Then we got scolded cause we were 1 minute late. Ah wells. School Open House Parade training. Blah, I'd rather go take photographs with Lenson then run around acting in a skit with NCC "terrorists" and "Scouts" scouting and cheerleading "Girl guides". The skit could have been much better? Maybe do a scenario where everyone is valued or something.

Trained for 15minutes, probably the shortest training ever due to O Levels. Then went for Lunch with NP people.

Wanted to go play badminton at Punggol CC with classmates, but then decided to go home and sleep instead. Slept for about 4 hours, then woke up and for the first time in a few days, watched a movie.

It's a nice movie okay? Talks about the Coast Guard and how their training is like. And the movie's starting and ending actually got link together one. Cool!

I think this post is way too long already. So I shall stop blogging here.

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