Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Bathing Snowie.

Okay, decided to do a photo essay cause I haven't posted any photos in a long time. So I shall blog about bathing Snowie. =) Spent the entire Sunday Morning and Afternoon bathing him. Snowie's my dog by the way, in case you didn't know.

Haha, bathing a dog is much harder than expected really,it's like he knows when its time to bathe and will run around hiding so as to avoid bathing. But once you catch him and carry him then it's quite okay. Just soak him with water, add shampoo, then rinse it off. =D
He started playing around and biting his towel after bathing, still super wet though.
So cute right? XD
He lay like this for about 5 seconds wondering why everything turned black. =P
After drying was grooming and brushing and combing his hair. I think it's really painful cause the combs' teeth are sharp. So I have to run around can persuade him to stay still.

Haha okay, I think that's all the pictures I have. Was super wet by the time I finished bathing him. So I had to take a bath too. =)

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