Friday, 19 October 2007

Happy Birthday To Me Again.

Yay. Day started with me waking up very on time for school cause it's my birthday. Haha.

But then Denise asked me to wait for her cause she also wanted to take the MRT. Then in the end we were quite late cause the bus she was in stopped outside a mini-mart and the bus driver ran out. -.-

Went to hall, then there was a talk cause it was UN Eradication Of World Poverty Day. I think it's a really disgusting way to get people aware about World Poverty. I mean, maybe it's good to show shocking images of disturbing things, but the fact that whoever did the slide show copied every single image down to the description word for word, is simply hypocritical. And not only that, there's not citing of sources or internet links of even the names of the photographers. There's this thing call intellectual property you know? Next time any project requires internet research, I'm just going to copy everything and cite this example.

But of course the person doing it might have been really busy with their really stressed up lives, so no time to really do a proper presentation about the Eradication Of World Poverty. /sarcasm

Anyways, thanks to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday! =) Don't think I can remember every single one but thanks anyways! Heh.

And thanks to those who went to celebrate my Birthday at Hans with the 2 cakes. Haha, namely Hao Xiang, Stephen, Li Jing, Nina, Wei Ting, Denise, Fiona, Koon Tat, Woei Jiun and Elaine. =)

And thanks for the presents too! =) Haha, cause I'm super lazy to list down everything, thanks to everyone la! =D

Went to Clarke Quay with family in the evening. Ate at Riverside Indonesian Restaurant. Haha, I think the BBQ set thing was about $38.80 and I still felt super full la. Then walked around Clarke Quay and went Haagen Dazs for ice cream. =D

Ate the fondue thing. Cost $39.90, but only paid about $6+ cause we had a $40 voucher. =D And the fondue was nice. Heh.

Reached home at around 10+, then went to sleep immediately.

Woke up at 7am and bolted out of bed sneezing cause I thought I was late for sure la. But then my father said no need go school cause I was sneezing pretty badly. I think it's the ice cream cause it was super cold. Haha. So I stayed at home on Thursday sleeping on and off and watching Prison Break Season 3. =)

Went to see a doctor at around 4pm. Got some super gigantic pills meant for "Once Every Morning." And some super small pills meant for "Once Every Night." Thought it was some kind of stupid joke la. Haha. Took the night pill and went to sleep.

Woke up at Midnight no longer sneezing, so went to prepare Full Uniform. Slept at 2am.

Then Today I woke up quite late, but still dragged myself out of bed feeling very sleepy and starting to sneeze again, so I took the super enormous pill and went off to school. Haha. Saw Denise on the train too.

Once we reached the school, I started feeling super drowsy, weird feeling la. Kind of surreal if you want me to use profound words. Haha. But the feeling stayed with me until about 3 hours ago. It's hard to describe, imagine that feeling you get when you're dreaming. That dreamlike state la. Everything takes slower to respond and you just feel like sitting down and not moving. =/

Super powerful pill can, wonder why the doctor say "Once Every Morning", maybe mixed up labels? Ah whatever, I'm not going to take those pills anymore cause I'm not longer sneezing.

Didn't really pay a lot of attention to the lessons, except Geography which was on map reading. Cause I already knew topographical map reading.

NPCC was horrible la. If I had to state one training where I was the most irritated, this would be it. And that drowsy feeling turned into a terrible headache and I couldn't remember things at all. Just didn't feel like concentrating or anything. Stupid pill. =/

Was more irritated by the fact that now there's an Annual Camp on the 23rd, 24th, 25th November. And yay coincidentally Perth Trip is on the 17th to the 23rd November! I guess the Instructors couldn't have bothered to tell us about the camp earlier, or maybe they just assumed that everyone has no life at all and are willing to cancel everything just for NPCC, or that everyone's schedule can magically fit into theirs no matter how late they inform us.

Okay, let's say that they really had no choice and only told us about the camp today because of some very important, unchangeable decision. But sure, is that really a reason to tell us:"Don't go this camp, forget about all your badges!" Is it really very helpful or what, motivating? Then you tell us:"There will be no retests, or postponing of tests cause this is your only chance to get your drill badge."

In the end the only thing's that accomplished is that you cheapen the likes of a badge test.

And now it's "my problem" because the Perth Trip clashes with the Camp? MY PROBLEM YEA?

Gah. Irritated. Didn't go Cell today either, cause surprisingly, got Campcraft Training tomorrow.

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