Saturday, 27 October 2007

MSN Conversations.

Haha, I think MSN is perpetually funny if you want it to be.

Like this stupid conversation with Lenson.

lensoN`: you saw denise lj?

Nobody: lj??

Nobody: WTH

Nobody: o wait

Nobody: you mean live journal

lensoN`: ya

Nobody: heehee...

lensoN`: only two post

Nobody: i tht...nvm...

Nobody: HAHAHA

♥Denise, the cellist! ;D says: Oh anyway Monday go school with me leh. I don't wanna go alone. ):

Nobody says: HA

Nobody says: ADMIT IT!!

Nobody says: you cant live without me

Nobody says: HEEHEEHEE

♥Denise, the cellist! ;D says: WOW.

♥Denise, the cellist! ;D says: HOW TRUE,

♥Denise, the cellist! ;D says: like real.

♥Denise, the cellist! ;D says: Tsk okok?

Nobody says: YAY

♥Denise, the cellist! ;D says: ?

Nobody says: nvm

♥Denise, the cellist! ;D says: Oh.

Spellman: I just broke my G-String.

Nobody: You have a G-String? Okay....

Spellman: Duh, I was tuning it when it snapped. Stupid string.

Nobody: OH. Okay...

Spellman: What were you thinking Minghui?!? ;)

Nobody: Erm...Nothing... =P

Bryan: Hey you know what just sucks...

Nobody: Vaccuums?

Bryan: ...

Nobody: HEEHEE

Haha, add me in MSN and we can have stupid conversations together!

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