Thursday, 5 June 2008

June Holidays. =)

Yes, June holidays have finally begun. This will be a long post, so take a break every 20 minutes and look out your window or something.

Okay, went to Stephen's house last Friday in the afternoon. Yea! Went to make an RSVP MX. Haha, so now I can spin with both hands simultaneously. =D

Went for badminton after that at Sengkang CC. Started feeling drained and exhausted after playing for like 10 minutes, probably cause of cycling the day before. =X And for some reason I kept missing the shuttlecock larr. Horrible.

Went for dinner at Mos Burger! Yea, haha. Then the rest when home whilst Stephen, Denise and me went to look for a birthday cake for Rachel. Went around to the various cake shops in Sengkang looking for whatever kinds of cakes that a girl would like. The two of them were pestering me to buy a heart-shaped strawberry cake la. Can you imagine a heart-shaped cake as a birthday cake? Eeech. For someone 2 years older than me too. =P

Met up with my sister at Sengkang interchange, then took a bus down to Church.

Celebrated Rachel's birthday with cell group, cut the cake, ate the cake, then as there was no message during Cell group, played board games. Haha. Played Taboo and laughed cause the guys supposed think on the same wavelength. =D

Went to catch the Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian on Saturday with my family. There was this like family promotion thing at Shaw Theatre to promote family bonding and all that. Tickets were quite cheap, and included popcorn, drinks and goody bags. Haha. But bleah, there were lots of children around with their parents, and I feel so old there la. =(

Movie was quite okay la, differed quite a bit from the book, but it's still worth catching as a family movie I guess. CGI effects were quite awesome too. Although the cinema was filled with kids, they weren't really noisy. I think the parents like the 2 fathers sitting behind me laughed louder and longer than most of the kids. Ironic. =D

Went for lunch/dinner at Pepper Lunch. Was about 4pm already. Went to Chinatown after that and shopped around for clothes. But I didn't buy any cause I was saving for a camera. =)

Went to buy my D80 on Sunday! =D Haha, went to Suntec City after buying my camera, then my sister got her iPod Classic 80gb at Epicenter Suntec. Went to this book fair at the Suntec Exhibition Centre, and the book fair was like "World Book Fair Day 2008" or something like that.

But when I went in I realised all the books were Chinese. Like. Eeee. All Chinese storybooks. =X And there were those educational software vendors too. Bad enough that there's English educational software with things like :"Which is the apple?", but Chinese educational software? "哪一个是苹果?" Bleh. I had a headache almost immediately after I went in cause there were all those "Boing, Boing" sounds from the educational computers. =X

Then I saw this stall selling books from Times. Yea Times! Definitely selling some English books for those horrible in Chinese people like me. =) But when I neared I realised it was all assessment books. Gah. -.-

Took 851 home. The bus ride was quite cool, that City Shuttle bus thing, no other stops along the way. =)

Went to Plaza Singapura on Monday with Lenson and Ivan to buy Ivan's guitar tuner. Walked around the shopping mall waiting for the Yamaha shop to open, then Ivan spent $29 buying his tuner which is like -50hz - +50hz accurate. Then we went for lunch at Subway. Eat Fresh.

Because we didn't have any next appointment to rush to, and nothing else to do in the afternoon, and Lenson and me brought our cameras along, we went to Fort Canning Park to walk around. Haha, shall post pictures cause I can. =P

Haha, romantic. ;)

Wooden bombs and missiles.

Walked to Funan after that. Bleh. Going to Funan 2 days in a row gets boring even for a computer geek. Walked around the mall again, looking at all the awesome stuff that's super expensive. Gah. Then walked to Clarke Quay and took a train to Ivan's house.

Spent a long time tuning his guitar cause his tuner is so accurate and the guitar was new. Then taught Ivan a bit on chords, then went home.

Went to Sentosa on Tuesday with Stephen, Chee Hock, Ivan, Lenson, View Meng, Jun Han, Xue Ee, Jemaine and Yi Han. Was a gathering with Sec 4 Mata too, but I didn't go cause the Sentosa gathering was planned by Xue Ee way earlier. And there was pen spinning gathering at Singapore Poly too. Bleah.

Took the Sentosa Express, then walked to Siloso beach. Played volleyball first and I played horribly cause I've not touched a volleyball since 2007. Haha. That sounds dramatic. =D

Haha, it started drizzling on and off, and we got tired of trashing the other team in volleyball already (heh heh), so we played soccer instead. View Meng's toe started bleeding cause he stepped on a 100 Plus can.

Then went into the sea, swimming, playing, doing stupid things like throwing wet sand at each other (which is really painful cause surface tension compacts the sand and slightly solidifies it into a viscous liquid). Wah. All the guys suddenly target me to mua chee la. Like, drag me out of the water and roll me around in the sand. Then whilst I was posing for a picture with Koon Tat the rest of them tried to pull my pants down and ended up ripping the buckle off. -.- So I had to like, fold my pants to keep it from dropping down. Haha.

Walked to Imbiah lookout and had lunch there. The place was quite crowded with tourists even on a Tuesday. Then we went back to Vivo.

Discussed for a while on what to do next, then decided to go play bowling at Kovan Superbowl. Haha. A few of them went to play whilst the rest of us went to the arcade and played stupid money wasting games. Oh and then we all started playing Dance Dance Revolution for some reason. Gosh. I've never touched that game before and I lost horribly. =P

Haha. And this guy was like watching us play and laugh at DDR for a while, then he inserted a coin and started dancing freestyle and showing off all those moves. Like, turn around also can dance, can jump in the air and do a split with his legs, woah. I think he must have spent a lot of time and money practicing, but not bad man. I don't mind being able to write "DDR pro" under my job resume someday. =D

Watched them eat dinner at the hawker center, then took 62 home with Denise. Super tired.

Yea, that's about everything. Haven't touched that mountain of homework yet though. Bleh.

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