Thursday, 19 June 2008

NCO Campfire '08.

Went for NCO Camp Campfire last Sunday. Although I couldn't make it for the camp la, but hope the Sec 2s and 3s learned lots from NCO Camp. =)

Haha, met Nigel and Yi Hong outside Shop and Save first, then went to school. I think I'm growing tall man, my NCO long sleeve leaves like a few inches when I raise my hands slightly already. Either my hands are growing longer or my shirt has shrunk. =X

Campfire was quite okay la, took quite a few photos, then was our campfire performance which went rather well. =D Although I was acting as 'Minghui' Mdm, wah, I realised I've acted as a female for like, 3 or 4 times already. -.- Well, this proves I have awesome acting skills. =P

Then after the campfire we start taking squad pictures like crazy. Haha. It's like, the last campfire for most of us la, so...nostalgic I guess.

Haha, Rawk On!

Rest of the pictures, would be around in the blogosphere I guess. Don't want to put them here cause I'm lazy and there's quite a lot of pictures in my blog already. Haha.

Anyways, went for late supper at Macdonalds with Yi Hong and Nigel after that, then took 136 home with Yi Hong. Hah. And I know a secret. =P

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