Monday, 23 June 2008

Back To School.

Sigh, it's back to school again. It doesn't really seem like term 3 already, it doesn't even seem that the holidays have even started. I still feel as if I'm just beginning Secondary 4. Haha okay shall stop being so philosophical.

Spent Sunday at home sleeping. And recovering la. Drank countless glasses of water, and slept from the Morning until about Evening. My sore throat was still horrible though. =(

My hair was caught for being too long on Monday. Sighs. But I didn't cut my hair for about 3 months already la, so. Haha. I should have worn a hairclip like Chee Hock.

Lessons started immediately on the first day of school. And there was PE too, but unfortunately no one knew so no one brought PE attire anyways. Gosh, lessons were all bleach. I was like half asleep, cause I spent the entire Sunday just sleeping too. Haha. But okay la, spinning pens at the back of the class with Stephen keeps you awake. =)

Went to cut hair after school because there was about 2 hours to waste away before Social Studies Workshop, then went for lunch at Pepper Lunch, then went back to school.

Then when I was walking back to class Denise asked me a question.

Denise: Hey Minghui you cut your hair ah?!
Minghui: Er, yea...

Some people simply have no consideration for the feelings of others. Sighs.

Went back to class for the Social Studies Workshop. I think the workshop just sort of reiterates the source based question skills, with a different teacher and different materials. At least, can practice pen tricks with Stephen. Haha. =D

Stayed back to practice for Wednesday's competition performance. I think the song we're playing, View From Heaven by Yellowcard, is a nice song. Like, I didn't think it was a nice song last time, but after hearing it for a couple of times and seeing the lyrics, it's kind of sad and upbeat at the same time.

Practiced until 6+, then went back home.

Went to school today carrying a camera bag, a guitar bag, and my school bag. Haha. Kind of like, a challenge you know, need to keep switching your hands and maintain your balance and everything to accomplish various tasks like tapping your Ez-Link card. I succeeded in getting to school without dropping anything, or knocking anything. Heh.

Can't remember what I learned during lessons. Sighs. Okay, I guess I could remember what I did learn during lessons if I tried, but who wants to read such things? Haha. We had hot chocolate after English lesson though, a treat from Ms Quan. Awesome! Hot Chocolate is okay la, haha, but I prefer cold chocolate.

Ate lunch at the canteen with Mr Yeo, Lenson and Ryan. Haha. Laughed a lot over lunch too.

Practiced for our performance again after school. Hotshoe! Yea!! Haha. And messed around learning Lenson's violin a bit too. The strings are so small and spaced so close! Bleh.

Went to take a couple of photos of the rehearsal at the hall, then took 62 home with Denise. Hah, I'm such a nice guy man, taking the bus home with someone who thinks my hair is ugly. Sighs.

Haha, I feel so lethargic these past few days. Oh and I tried googling the sore throat/flu medicine I've been taking. Which is called Became or something like that. But I can't find anything online! Gah. Maybe I've been taking some horrible poison all this while!! Like, how can you know such things anyways, haha, it depends on how trustworthy your doctor is, and how trustworthy your doctor's supplier is, and how trustworthy your doctor's supplier's manufacuter is, and on and on. It's a huge list of people to be trustworthy. =O

But my sore throat's almost gone anyways. So that means I'll speak perfectly during Chinese O Level Oral Examinations. Hahaha. Unfortunately there's so many more things to do, and er, my holiday homework is not exactly but definitely or not completely on the contrary unsurely finished. :)

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