Sunday, 22 June 2008


I'm kind of sick of taking photos already. I think I've taken like, more photos during this holiday than in the past 6 months put together. And I've been to so many places I can't remember when I did what anymore. =( Good thing I have a blog. Haha.

I can rememer what I did this week though, cause it was pretty much the same. Spent Monday, Tuesday and Thursday taking photos of the H.I. Musical. I have about, 400 pictures of the musical rehearsal in the hall, not counting those that I deleted cause they were blur or pointless, or those that I deleted on the spot then cause of super blurriness and pointlessness. It's around 1000+ clicks of the camera shutter for the rehearsals alone. And it sort of gets increasingly harder to take nicely composed shots cause the nice pictures have already been shot. =\

But thankfully there's Ryan and Lenson to break the monotony. Hahaha. The three of us are forever flashing each other with our external flash units. And we told Denise that Ryan is from MDIS and is in school because he's Mr. Yeo's friend. =P

There was Geography extra lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday at 8.30am too. Haha. Got back our Geography mock exam results. Quite sad, I tied with Wan Ting and Yi Han at 41/50. =( Okay la, I didn't really expect to do so well because I didn't exactly study at all, unless you consider flipping through the textbook 10 minutes before the exam studying. I shall study hard for Geography in the future and regain my reputation! Next time.

Went to Little India on Wednesday after Geography, but that's in the previous post so I shall not bother.

Went to Vivo City on Thursday after taking photos for the Musical cause the three of us had nothing else better to do. Lenson and me both bought formal shirts from Zara Men at $89.90. I'm so in love my new shirt, the designs and colours are oh so adorable. *cough* And Ryan was like our fashion adviser. Hahaha. Then we went for dinner at Carl's Junior, went to the rooftop to attempt to take pictures of the sunset, but the Sun was blocked by the Harbourfront Tower. Blah. =X

Developed a flu and a blocked nose on Friday. Sneezing non-stop too. Then it developed further into a sore throat as well. I think it's all that junk food I've been eating or my irregular meal timings. Bleahs. Horrible. But I still ate cornflakes at 2am anyways cause I was hungry. Honey Stars! :)

Time to go catch my running nose. Haha. Yea cold joke, but I have a mild fever now anyways so it doesn't matter. =P

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