Friday, 20 June 2008

Little India.

Haha. Okay. Went to Little India on Wednesday with Darren and Wan Ting. Like, kind of random. And I've never gone to take photos with Darren and Wan Ting before (though I'm sure they go out to take pictures lots of times without me heh), but we're all SLR users. Lol. Darren used his LC-A and Holga which are both film cameras. Gosh. And Wan Ting used a Fisheye Lens film camera. Woah, I'm like the only one able to take multiple shots haha.

We walked from Farrer Park Station to Mustafa, then tried to walk towards Little India.

I can say that Wan Ting is super thick-skinned. Haha. That's a compliment cause some of the best photos can only be taken by being thick-skinned lor.

Wanted to take the same photo as this picture, but the angle and saturation's all different la. -.-

Horrible shot of that new Arts University thing. Gah. Shall go there again next time and get a decent shot.


Went for lunch after the above picture was taken at this food court. Eh, I used to go there for lunch after Church, but that place looks so much darker and dirtier now. Blee. We went off again after lunch to take more pictures.

This was edited extensively. So, yea.

If only the shop owner had hung up some better contrasting garlands. Sighs.

Wan Ting was trying to pose as the guy above her.

This bird was awesome. Cause it stay in that spot with its wings raised long enough for me to take a picture. =)

Excessive use of spotlights.

Haha okay there's the animated picture of Wan Ting, but I'm too tired to focus already. =(

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