Thursday, 20 November 2008

Prom Night.

Don't really feel like blogging, but ah okay. My graduation party was last Monday. Had lots of fun. =) Pictures are at the bottom so if you don't feel like reading just scroll down. =D

Met up with Koon Tat at around 4pm and we went to a saloon in Hougang to style hair. Didn't expect things to be so coincidental. =\

Koon Tat went to my house after that, then we changed and went off. Hahaha. Even the taxi driver said we looked very formal leh. =D

Okay, the night itself was rather fun. Mr Maran's a great MC la. Haha. My table was the loudest I bet, cause we kept laughing at stupid stupid things. Like me making a deal with Ivan :"Eh, for dessert (honeydew sago or something) ah, I eat the honey, you eat the dew okay?!"

Kept saying Need/Neat also. Cause Ivan was arguing with Alvin about Lenson losing his phone and how you NEED to do something. With the hand gesture changing rapidly from a closed fist into a gun. Hahahaha. Lenson was like: "haiyar stop arguing over me la." Then I went around going: "That's a NEAT haircut." Or : "Yes, you NEED to do this. NEED."

I couldn't pick up the stupid Abalone with a pair of chopsticks, or the stupid Spring Roll, or the stupid noodle-y things. Okay, maybe I need to attend some Chinese Ettiquette class and learn how to use chopsticks again. Or maybe I should just attend more of such dinners ah. Hahahaha.

At some point we started clapping and cheering randomly. Hahaha. Yi Hong's table also. =D And Yi Hong threw a flower at me. Which I returned to him graciously. Hahaha.

And everyone from the table except Alvin got up to go to the toilet at some point. Must be the Free Flow of Coke/Sprite/Chinese Tea. Hahaha.

Okay, and there's this really stupid incident involving the lucky draw. Hahahaha. My number was "101", then when they started giving out prizes from the 50, I realised I couldn't find my ticket. Gah. Then was really nervous cause if I'd won, then I couldn't collect the prize, very suay.
So I was hoping ironically that I wouldn't win. Hahaha. And everybody at the table was going: "Haiyarr not 101 ah. Haha." Up to like the 20th prize or something, then Yi Peng asked me to look under the table, and I found my ticket! Hah.
Was like thinking: "Oh Yessss now I should win." Then everyone at the table for some reason started rooting for me to win something. Lenson was like :"You sure win one, confirm." Hahahaha.
The stupid thing was, the numbers that were announced after I found my ticket were like 202, or 113, or 105, or 96. -.- And 6 out of 10 people from my table won something. The best being Lenson that won a Ipod Shuffle la. =D

Was going through the process of selecting pictures of me with other people to post, but then I wondered what was the point since most of them would have those pictures already. If you haven't gotten those pictures yet, then contact me. =)

Hence, I shall only post stupid photos, and group photos.

I have no idea whose handbag is that. Hahaha. Someone passed it to me to hold. =D I'm still a male in case you're wondering.

Hotshoe! Haha. Stupid pose thought of by me. =D

Ryan was taking a picture of us with his Minolta X-700 film camera when View Meng stuck up his hand. -.- Everyone at the table went like: "Wah Lau View Mengggggggg......*fades into silence*" Then: "Wait not good. 1, 2, 3, Wah Lauuuuuu View Menggggggg." Again and again. Hahaha.

I love this picture because the background gives more meaning to the foreground. Heeheehee. Anyways, Lenson and me are rehearsing for our "future wedding shot". =D (I'm the male ah)

Where's everyone?! Hahaha!

How to prevent abrasion behind your ears. To Hao Xiang who's in China blowing cold air out of his mouth like in drama series. =O

Singapore (w)Rappers! Hahaha. We battling da vampire yo. Dope.

Anyone passing by this blog and chancing upon this post must think I'm some kind of weird crazy lame person. I rescind and repudiate that claim. I'm perfectly able to walk. =)

Group photos. =D

4 Integrity 08. I think I'm biting Malvin's tie. =D

4 Unity 08 whom asked me to take pictures for them! Haha. But I haven't sent most of them yet. Please look for Keanewoguy whom has your class photos. =D

2 Integrity 06! Actually 1 Integrity cause Eugene Pangseh us in Sec 2. Hahaha.

NPCC. Haha. In Geographical terms, Chee Sheng is the Emergent layer. Above the Canopy layer. (See Wikipedia)

My button which I created in Photoshop. Haha. =)

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