Monday, 22 December 2008

Chee Sheng's Birthday.

Okay wee I haven't updated in a super long time already. And I shall start from Chee Sheng's birthday! Hahaha. Seems like a super long time ago already, 2 weeks back?

Anyways. Went to Chee Sheng's house with Hao Xiang and stayed over on the 8th December. Since his birthday was on the 9th, we were the first to wish him Happy Birthday in person! =P

Haha. Mouse cake which Hao Xiang and me presented to Chee Sheng at midnight. =D

Hao Xiang posing with the cake even though it's not his birthday hahaha.

Spent quite some time doing stupid things with Chee Sheng's webcam and msn. Hahaha. Unfortunately there aren't many people online at 2am in the Morning to disturb. Ah wells.

Hahaha. Did something like this and asked people to pay $10000 through Msn. =D No one paid though. =(

Chee Sheng's present which is a super large sized Transformers t-shirt which is too large for him cause he's too skinny already. =D

Watched The Guardian and Be Kind Rewind too and Hao Xiang got super sad cause the lead actor in The Guardian dies at the end. -.- Then messed around doing random things.

I'm Billabong man! XD

Chee Sheng watching some Eygptian show at 5am in the Morning.

Had nothing much to do already, so went to sleep at around 7am, and woke up at 9am to the sight of Joshua hovering over me. Shocking! Haha.

Bunch of people came to Chee Sheng's house in the morning to celebrate his birthday. But I'm too lazy to go list them all down. Heh.

Shall just post an unglam picture of everyone! Wee. Missing Wei Ting, Wei Kit and Woei Jiun. =D

Lao Da lighting up the cake. Hahahaha.

Chee Sheng trying the 'wide eye look'

Okay. Went back home after that, I think. Can't remember already man. =S

Ohh yes. How to eat cake by Chee Sheng. =)

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