Monday, 1 December 2008

Marina Barrage.

Blah haven't been blogging lately. =/

Anyways, this is rather late but went to Marina Barrage with the usual photographers. Hotshoe Extended? Hahaha.

Met up with Ivan first at Hougang MRT and we waited for Ryan, Stephen, and Alvin. Wah. There was this girl opposite from us and we didn't realise it was Nina until Li Jing walked past and we saw Li Jing and Li Jing saw Nina and went up to Nina and we realised the girl Li Jing was walking towards was Nina. Hahahaha. Saw lots of other school people too. =S

Went to Aston's Specialities at Cathay for lunch first. Did some erm, rather stupid things whilst waiting for our food to come. Like poking fun at Ivan's super loose camera eyepiece and all.

Then we waited around Dhoby Ghaut for Lenson, and proceeded to take a train down to Marina Bay.

Hahaha. Lenson: "Heh I look damn hot on Ryan's Camera man"
Alvin: "Wah..that Lenson look quite good ah.."
Ivan: "I bet I can take a nicer picture of myself on my camera"
Stephen: "Look hot so what ah. Hmph"
(Actual thoughts may vary from captions =P)

Went to the Barrage, and took pictures.

Then we went to this cafe for a drink. And we saw Mr Goh the Senior Minister! Wah. There were lots of policemen and important looking people about. And there were other ministers with him too. Was joking around that we should go up to him and say something like : "Hey you look like that guy on tv during the National Day Parade!!" =D

And we saw 2 Straits Times photographers too. I guess we attracted a lot of attention sitting there because of our cameras. Haha. They wanted to take a picture of us for the newspaper but we declined. Must be our sheer awesomeness. =P

Then we went to take the Sunset. Did stupid things whilst waiting for the Sun to set too.

The Human Tripod. =D

Ivan the Next Top Model.


Lazy People. =P

At first the sky was not really nice. Very cloudy and grey.

Then it was slightly better.

Then there was more red.

Then a few minutes later it was like WAO.

Took pictures of the skyline at night too. =)

The Singapore Flyer.

My Version of the Singapore Flyer. Hahaha. =D

Walked a crazy distance back towards Marina Bay. Then walked some more towards Suntec but in the end we decided to take the train at Raffles Place to Dhoby Ghaut and had our dinner at Carl's Junior there. =D

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