Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Sungei Buloh.

Rather belated post but anyways, went to Sungei Buloh Wetlands Reserve on Thursday with Ivan and Lenson.

Took a train to Kranji, then took a bus to the Reservoir bus interchange then walked 1.5km to the Reserve. Paid 50 cents to enter, then we had our lunch at a cafe there.

So romantic uh. =D

Then we went walking around the Reserve.

Saw a bunch of these signs around the place. But we didn't see an actual crocodile. =/

Spot the lizard-chameleon-reptile thing.

Ivan had to go off at some point, so Lenson and me carried on walking around the reserve.

The place was quite devoid of humans, but it wasn't really teeming with wildlife either. =S There were lots and lots of trees though. =D

Saw these reptilian creatures and we were like: "Crocodile Crocodile!" Then upon closer inspection: "Chey, Komodo Dragon." But quite funny ah, three of them were lazing around on the boardwalk.

And one was floating on the water. I wouldn't mind being a Komodo dragon and swimming around sun-tanning everyday man. =)

Went to climb the Observation tower too.

But I realised Sungei Buloh isn't really very big. The last time I went there back in Primary school I thought it was huge. But it's like, quite small? Haha. We managed to walk to almost all the areas.

Slow shutter.


HDR image. I don't have time to go edit away the red/cyan fringes nicely, so pretend they don't exist ah.

Lenson and me walked back towards Kranji after that. Then we took a long train ride to Expo to walk around the Sitex fair and meet Ryan. Hahaha. The Toshiba laptop is super hot man. Then we were joking around, "Ryan my laptop Brokendown. =D" and watched Lenson get owned in Call Of Duty 4, and then we saw Dawn and Hwee May giving out flyers. =D

Went to Changi Airport for dinner at Popeye's, then took 27 back to his house, then took 136 back home. =/ My legs were like jelly when I reached home. =)

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