Monday, 3 May 2010

New Zealand Day Two.

The Tourist Pose.
Woke up at an unbelievable time of 5.30am and walked to the first of many bus stops that we were to take throughout the trip. We sat at the back, and Lenson had the window seat to the left, Ryan had the window seat to the right, and I had the aisle seat. =(

This was pretty much the only shot I took on that bus, hahaha.
Slept on the bus for most of the journey, then we stopped at Lake Tekapo.
Everyone got out and started taking pictures of this statue of a dog.
Saw lots of these rocks balanced precariously throughout New Zealand.
This was the Church of the Good Shepherd, which is coincidentally the same name as the Church Ryan is attending.
This plant was particularly attractive because it had a bee in it.
Boarded the bus again, and went to Mount Cook.
Checked in at the hostel we were staying, then we went out for lunch.
It was raining/drizzling.
The fish and chips cost $20. =( But it was one of the few places that sold food in the area.

After lunch we decided to go walk up one of the many tracks in the surrounding valleys, and we chose the Red Tarns track which was estimated to take 2 hours.
The walk was pretty tiring, because it was like walking up an endless amount of steps. But the air was so awesome! =)
This is like the most awesome picture of me that day.
Spot Ryan in the picture.
Lenson pretending to be manly and sleeping. Or maybe he was really exhausted from the climb.
You could see the entire town in the valley below you, and spots of light where the Sun broke through the clouds. =D
The sun's rays weren't really distinct though.
Finally reached the end of the track and there was this huge red pool made up of some red stuff.
A bit anti-climax after all the hours we spent climbing, but still epic. And there was a signboard as well.
Lenson sleeping again. Hahaha no actually he was trying to use his iPhone. The reception there wasn't very good though. Ironic because we were so high up and all that.
Ryan holding his camera in an awkward position.
Modelling in the mountains. =D
Awkward moment.
This is like the second most awesome picture of me. Would have been the first, but you can't really tell it's me so it's the second. =D
We were attempting to take the 'band photo' shot. But I think something went wrong.
Not sure what I was doing.
Went back down not long after. I think we took about 3 to 4 hours in total instead of the estimated 2? Since we took quite a while getting to the start of the track itself, and we kept stopping to take pictures. =D Went back to our hostel, and the few shops selling food were all closed so we decided to buy frozen pizzas from the hostel's reception for dinner. But for some reason (ahem) our pizzas ended up burnt and rock-hard so we laughed like crazy as our table had the loudest crunching sounds. =)

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