Monday, 10 May 2010

Cheryl's 20th Birthday.

Long overdue pictures.
I'm kind of stuck on a desaturated colours phase now, because I'm kind of bored with the usual saturated colours in my photographs. And thanks to my recent stalking of lots of photographers with amazing film-like pictures hahaha. So I decided to post-process almost everything with desaturated colours! =D
I think I'll probably get tired of desaturated colours and revert back to the usual edits and leave the desaturated to film though. Haha. Or maybe I'll stick to this an be a wedding photographer like this awesome guy that Yt introduced me to.
Brace yourself. *Puts on Sunglasses* For Timothy's braces.
Daniel took some of the pictures too! Whilst I was eating. =)
I miss long brown hair.
Ken Watanabe Pose.
Kiwi bird we gave Cheryl. With awesome hair-styling properties. =)
Rest of the photos on Facebook here. =)

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