Sunday, 16 May 2010

Cross Processed.

Part of our design for Studio Lighting was to take pictures of Teddy around random places in Singapore and compile the images into the Cd sleeve, haha and so we/I went around shooting pictures of Teddy with a roll of Fuji Velvia 50 slide film, which cost $14. =(

Unfortunately, the photo lab cross processed my slide film, so instead of nice normal looking photographs we ended up with lomography-like pictures. Which was kind of depressing because I did not want to believe that I had just spent $24 dollars to get an effect I can easily replicate in Photoshop for free. Hahaha I tried to undo the cross processing in Photoshop and got varying results, so I decided to just post the original pictures without any editing. I think they turned out okay though, at least I got 39 exposures. =)
Met up with Ryan and Shawn on a Friday to go shoot the rest of the roll around the City Hall area. Three guys walking around with a Teddy Bear=Lots of stares. Hahaha.
We went to two playgrounds, a library, a bookstore, Selegie Soya Bean and all the roads in between. =)
We discovered this awesome playground with swings! =D Thanks in part to Google Maps on Ryan's iPhone.
How this photo was shot:
The leaf next to Teddy reminds me of New Zealand, haha.
Okay that's all.

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