Sunday, 16 May 2010

Studio Lighting.

Okay so my first module was Studio Lighting! Where we learned about studio lights, seriously. Like the one above. We were spilt into groups of three and had to choose an object to shoot throughout the block. And my group choose a Teddy Bear! Hahaha. I was without a doubt the manliest guy in my group, because I was grouped with Gwen and Si Pei. Being the only guy was okay, but I had to carry all the heavyrelatively weightless lights around.
The Teddy that was our model for the 4 weeks. (Wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes from the constant barrage of flashes)
We learned to shoot pictures like this.
And this.
I think the module turned out much more stressful than initially anticipated, and we were rushing to get everything done towards the end. And I don't think I like product photography very much. Mostly because it's so irritating to keep having to shoot the same thing over and over and constantly correct any insignificant mistakes in the picture. Gah.
But I think my group mates were super cool! (Although they probably won't read this hahaha) Like the three of us had very different design styles, Si Pei was the graphic designer, Gwen the illustrator and me the photographer. And we had very different ideas on what looked nice (not that I didn't like pink heart shapes and flowers, but you know..), but we still managed to come up with a CD Sleeve design that I think was awesome.
You know, why is it that girls can design something that guys would like, but if a guy starts designing flowers and heart shapes, it's just wrong. Then again, I do not want to be the first guy to create flowery pink designs.
And the three of us are left-handed! =D My hair is not curly at all by the way.
Okay the rest of the pictures were taken randomly throughout the block.
The Fm2 could sync with the studio lights, when my D80 could not. =(
I think this was one of the few times in Design School where our work was collaborative and group-based, and I think learning to work in a team is difficult. Not so much recognising the need to compromise on your ideas at times as maintaining a sense of enthusiasm even if the design is not moving in a direction you'd want. But then again, it wouldn't be called learning if it was something you already knew. Not that I had any problems with my group, other than a constant recurrence of pink in the colour schemes, hahaha.
And I thank God for my group mates and the opportunity to work with them. I think such opportunities don't come by very often.

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