Friday, 23 April 2010

New Zealand Day One.

Airport Control Tower at Christchurch.
Landed at Christchurch at 10am, and we exited the airport and were immediately greeted with the most awesome air I've ever breathed. Hahaha. Okay that's pretty dramatic considering I haven't had much experience with the air in other countries besides Singapore, so I cannot reach an unbiased conclusion. But the air was so nice; really clean and fresh and rejuvenating. I was like standing outside the airport taking deep breaths, hah.

Failed group shot. We were supposed to photoshop a banner in! See our hands holding the edges of the banner.
We took a shuttle service to our hostel, and waited around for other people.
Checked in at our hostel, then we went out again! The first thing we did was look for food.
Kind of sidetracked with taking pictures, but yes, looking for food.
And we found a Fish and Chips shop. Haha. The guy at the cashier was from Hong Kong, so my earlier practice at the airport in Singapore paid off.
Ended up eating outside a Korean restaurant because everywhere else was so cold. Haha.

After Lunch we went to the Church at Christchurch, known as the Christchurch Cathedral. (Maybe)
Souvenir shop.
There was this vintage car roadshow thing outside the city centre, so there were lots of vintage cars parked outside the Church. =D
Vintage cars with film = Perfect. But I don't know what I was thinking since I only shot a few shots of the cars with the Fm2.
These three guys were playing Wonderwall by Oasis. I remember that distinctly.
Giant Chess Set. I remember the used to be a giant chess set in my Primary school, but they had to keep the pieces because we constantly kept hitting each other with them.
There was also a traditional Maori dance thing happening as well.
Haha the city square was quite happening ah.
Giant toilet signs.
There were lots of these visitor centers throughout New Zealand. And the visitor centers contained helpful information for visitors. Stating the obvious hahaha.
There was this tram service running through the city too. It even goes through buildings.
No Kidding!
Lenson amongst the flowers.
After Lenson and Ryan had a fruitful consultation session with the map (as shown above), we decided to go walk around the city.
Red Vespa! Okay we have that in Singapore as well.
The vintage car show thing was ending, so we saw like loads of vintage cars driving around. It was like living in another time! Hahaha.
I declare this to be Minghui's nicest photo taken that day.
We were walking down one of these back alleys, when we saw a table with two chairs! So naturally, we went to sit on them. (That's what you do with chairs right)
And take photos hahaha.
Having a regular happy conversation. We were aiming for that Stock Photo look.
Haha oh and Lenson's Lonely Planet New Zealand guidebook proved itself essential throughout the trip.
I'm sneakily putting HDRs alongside the digital and film photos so you won't tell the difference. Hah.
I think the design/advertising there was cool. Haha. And the typography as well. =O The shop signs were aesthetically-speaking much better than most shops in Singapore.
Reminds me of that lamp post in Narnia.
Okay we walked back to our Hostel, then rested for two hours or so. Then Lenson and I went hunting for a Supermarket! And taking photos as well, haha we brought our cameras with us whenever we left our room la. When we went out in the evening, the sky was like this.
Interesting, when you consider that the Obama administration has no influence on New Zealand's politics.
Giant butterflies!
Haha kept shooting the sky, because you know, =O
Skatepark! But Lenson's Lonely Planet decreed that we should turn right to reach the supermarket. And his iPhone concurred with that school of thought. So we didn't go closer.
I think TP Design School wins hands down in terms of looks. =D
We walked for a really long time. And we were sorely tempted to eat at Burger King and call it a day. But no, we went onwards to the supermarket and called it a night.
And so it was night. We only reached the Supermarket at around 8pm, and it was around closing time by then. =S
I declare this to be the runner up to Minghui's second nicest picture of the day. (Or the nicest picture shot with film, if that matters)
Easter Bunnies! Good Friday and Easter are actually widely celebrated holidays in New Zealand, so there were lots of preparations going on.
Walked back to the hostel in the freezing cold, but we stopped at the city square to take this picture. =D
Dinner! =D
Explored around the hostel a bit after dinner, but everyone there was older than us so we were kind of anti-social and went back up hahaha.
Okay end of Day One.

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