Wednesday, 26 May 2010

New Zealand Day Four.

The Hardcore Photographer Look.

Finally Day 4. Hahaha. I need to go on a photo editing spree but my current module dictates the daily usage of photoshop to the extent that I get so sick of using it at the end of the day. =(

Anyways, we woke up early in the Morning and went walking around Queenstown! Although we attracted a lot of stares because we were carrying such huge bag packs with us.

Lenson doing the bag-packer pose. Or maybe he was just staring at me. No one knows.

First we went to the same ice-cream shop we were at the day before, because there was free wifi there! Haha. No we didn't buy ice-cream again. The shop sells coffee and chocolates as well. 
We proceeded to use my laptop to play April Fool pranks on Facebook! Hahahaha. It was the 1st of April. Then we lazed around for about 2 hours because we were so lazy to move.

A Bird is Evolving!!! Ah nvm.

The same bird landed on some bushes nearby.

Lenson clipping his bag pack as we got up to leave.

Lenson looking shocked after securing his bag pack. We went walking around the area taking pictures. 

I seem to have a lot of pictures of Lenson.

I would have so bought this shirt. :(
We went to the bungee store too and Lenson and I signed up for the Queenstown Ledge Bungee that Saturday. :D
For some reason all our bag packs were blue. So imagine three Asian guys carrying blue bag packs walking around with their cameras. :P

Maple Leaf!

We went souvenir shopping for a while until we got hungry, then we decided to find food.

Lenson consults the Lonely Planet Oracle for guidance on food sources whilst Ryan keeps a lookout for suspicious characters.

After a while we decided on KFC.

Lenson takes a picture of lunch with his iPhone. The two of them had iPhones which came in handy whenever you wanted Google maps and a compass at the same time.

The KFC was just next door to the Salvation Army and I went to visit the bookstore! :D I bought a book. Ohh and I brought along John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men from Singapore, which I thought was a great novella. Should have brought some thicker book to read though because I finished reading it by the sixth day. Haha.

We went to our bus stop and waited for the bus take would take us to Te Anau, which was a lake.
No cameras were harmed in the making of this picture.

Tourist Pose! Ryan giving the I'msotiredoftraveling look.

Our bus journey was rather boring, because it started raining as we neared Fiordland. Fiordland sounds like some epic fantasy country. But it's actually just named that way because it has lots of Fiords. Meh.

The wife was orderingdirecting her husband to go nearer to the sheep and take a picture.

We saw lots of sheep and cows! And horses and deer at times too! Although the bus was zooming by so fast you could barely take a picture.

I seriously have lots of pictures of Lenson.

Drawing on the windows.

The bus arrived in Te Anau, Fiordland sometime in the Afternoon, and as usual, we went to our room, put down our stuff, and went out again! :D This time we went looking for the lake, named Te Anau.

It was cold enough for smoke to come out of our mouths. Unfortunately the smoke didn't appear on camera very well, so I look like a weirdo with his mouth open. :O (with Lenson staring at me as well)

This goes well with that Hardcore Photographer Look earlier.

70% OFF!! But the shop was closed for the Easter Weekend so we never went in.

Post Office! Hahahaha.

Checking out brochures.

We reached the edge of the lake. :D

The serene deep waters of Lake Te Anau make up the largest lake in the South Island and second largest in NZ, and are bordered on its western shore by lush virgin forest.
(I just copied all that from

Seriously though, it was amazingly calm and serene. And it was rather cloudy, which just made it look more calm and serene.


Throughout the edge of the lake were these benches that were right next to the water. And when you sat on them facing out to the lake you literally felt as if the water was all around you.

Pretty cool.

Digital shooting film.

Film shooting digital.

Ryan eats a boat.

Hahaha I know who must have done this! :P

Group Photo! With the assistance of a helpful dustbin.

Who needs faces in a group photo? :P

Lenson flies.

The only gripe about the area was that it was so cold that you could barely press the buttons on your camera with your numb fingers. And we didn't have gloves either. Hahaha.

Another group shot! With the assistance of someone's extremely reflective window. :)

We went to another souvenir shop on the way back, but we didn't buy anything. :P

HAH! Spelling Error!

We bought Fish and Chips for dinner (YEAH), and I played air hockey with Ryan whilst waiting for our order. Air hockey was an important game throughout the trip because we kept playing it. (and I kept winning hah)

On the way back.

New Zealand Coins.

I miss Fish and Chips.

Went outside at night with Ryan with the intention of buying food, but the shops were all closed by the time we reached. And it was freezing.

We had grandiose plans of shooting star trails which unfortunately did not come into fruition that night thanks to clouds. :( But we shot pictures of stars on other days! :P

Haha and we washed our clothes as well! It cost $3 for washing, $3 for drying, and $1 for soap powder. Though we found $1 in the washing machine and had no idea who it belongs to hahaha.

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