Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Nike Free 5.0

MH's latest goal.

Okay I think I'm like a Nike Fanboy now since my current running shoes are from Nike as well. (And the White Nike Dunks) But these are barefoot shoes! Super bendy and light, and designed to replicate the feeling of running barefoot as accurately as possible. Now I'm torn between this or Vans/DC shoes. :/

In other news:
Signed up for the Standard Chartered Marathon on the 5th December. I have no idea why I signed up for a 42.195km race when I can barely run 2.4km. Ah wells it's a good excuse to get new running shoes like that one above! :D If only there was a swimming marathon, I would definitely join it. :( Swimming is more fun than running.

Anyone else wanna go run! You need to be 18 and above for the full marathon though, but if you sign up before the 12th June you save $40. :)

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