Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Old Changi Hospital Again.

Like the first time I went with Ryan, this time I went with Ryan, Hao Xiang, Vanessa and Chit Min. Haha. This was a long time ago during the June Holidays, didn't edit the pictures until now. =/

Took about 650 pictures, but most of the pictures posted here are close-ups. The previous time I went had more wide-angle shots. Link.

We met late in the Morning, took a bus to Changi Village, had lunch at Subway, then walked to the Hospital. This time we explored the entire place pretty much from top to bottom, and it was pretty deserted due to it being a Tuesday afternoon. The last time we went it was like a tourist hotspot.

Anyways, pictures.

This is my 3rd DSC_9999 picture. Making it about 30000 pictures taken since I got my camera. =O

Apparently, people sacrificed chickens in the hospital.

Probably the chicken's old home.

Yes it's a Barbie doll head on the floor.

Key Cabinet.

Hao Xiang taking a picture. =D

Myself. =)

We did not see anything supernatural or the ghosts of any chickens, but we did see stuff that was questionable I guess. Lots of weird, 'why is this here?' stuff. Didn't see anything on the photos too, although editing them at 2am is quite unnerving.

Chit Min posing hahaha.


I think the place is interesting not because of it's rumours of hauntings and Japanese torture chambers in WWII and etc, but because it's a type of place you rarely get to see in Singapore. For one, rubbish and graffiti is everywhere, which you don't see much elsewhere in Singapore unless you collect rubbish in your house and graffiti your walls. You see the same hospital 20 or 30 years ago unchanged, albeit more dirty. Okay I'm starting to sound like I'm doing my design rationale and reflection. Hahaha.

Some parts were dangerous, like this lift shaft just waiting for people to fall in. We did not fall in by the way.

You also get to see what others are doing to the hospital, using it for a temple, practising graffiti skills, having their orientation night walks, trying to be manly by breaking windows and doors, it's like an insightful example of sociology. Hahaha.

Monday June 30th 2008.

I think one light photography is awesome. =)

We went to this area that was really dark, even though it was really sunny outside. Had very few windows, and the rooms did not have as much graffiti as the other areas. But no it was not the morgue and we did not see anything supernatural there either.

We did see this though. =O

Nitrous Oxide makes me think of car-racing and Need for Speed. Hahahaha.

Marigold Milk Packets.

Chit Min posing again. He was supposed to dance a Street Dance but then he paiseh.

There was a fire in the staff lounge.

One light source = Awesome.

This room was rather weird too. Weird bolts on the floor and raise platforms.

Ryan in Left 4 Dead! Ahhh.

We went up the the rooftop! =D

And took pictures. Haha this shot is super candid.

Winx Club.

Took pictures until about 2pm, then we walked back to Changi Village.

Chit Min breakdancing along the way. Hahahaha.

Ryan practising to be a wedding photographer/paparazzi in the future.

I dunno what Hao Xiang is doing.

Hao Xiang and Vanessa left to unknown realms, whilst Ryan, Chit Min and me went to go collect Ryan's laptop from the HP service center at Vivo City. Then we went home.

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