Monday, 15 June 2009

Old Changi Hospital.

Went with Ryan to collect his tee-shirts he ordered online at Bugis Junction some Saturday back, and we decided to go to Old Changi Hospital to take pictures. =D

The bus ride was horribly long. I think we spent like 3 hours + taking buses around the entire Singapore that day la. From Bugis to Hougang, then from Hougang to Changi, from Changi back to Hougang, from Hougang to Punggol. Blah. I don't mind long bus rides, but after the first hour or so it gets really siann. =/


Anyways, we stopped outside the place, and we saw this:

Gasp. Can you see?


Photoshop. Hahahahaha. Okay the rest of my photos weren't photoshoped except for contrast and exposure and white balance la, so if you see anything unusual you know..

Ryan pointing at a sign.

Graffiti was everywhere around the place, most of the window panes were broken, ceilings with holes, all that stuff.

A chair in the middle of the room.

The left hand has a lot of fingers. =O

Taken by Ryan. =)

Left = Me, Right = Ryan

I think this was pretty scary, cause you wouldn't expect the labels below the cupboards to still be there after 20+ years.


Look closely. Hahaha.

Ryan was lucky enough to capture two hands appearing out of a window. This picture was photoshopped caused there was some er graffiti on the right wall.

Dunno whose hands arh. *looks around innocently*

When walking at one of the common ward areas, Ryan suddenly went: "Woah.", then I looked at his direction and went: "Woah."
Cause we saw this.
No I didn't bring a barbie doll there and burnt it halfway just to take this photograph. It was..just there.. *cue dramatic music*

The top floor was the scariest part for both of us. We were like climbing the stairs when we realised that this herb, incense kind of smell was getting stronger. Then at the top we saw candles.
Probably bought from Ikea. -.-

But the incense smell was very strong, and there was this slightly open door, and the room was pitch black except for 1 candle on the floor in the darkness. Suddenly to the left we heard a lady chanting. So, we turned and ran laa. Hahahahaha. At that time it was about 7pm already, so we left to Changi beach to take more pictures.

HDR picture.

Yup that's about it. You can find out more about Old Changi Hospital by Google searching, haha. Turns out it's been around for about 70 years? Slated to be torn down soon though. =/

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