Sunday, 23 August 2009

Around the City.

Went to Vivo City about 2 months back with Chit Min and Ryan on a Tuesday. Chit Min and me decided to go there to wait for Ryan whilst he sent his laptop back for repair again. I think we did something before we went to Vivo, but I can't remember. Hahaha.

Anyways, Chit Min and me waited for Ryan at the skydeck and took pictures of random things. Haha.
Chit Min.

Cable Cars.

This guy was talking with a headset but it looked like he was talking to himself so we took a picture of him. =)

Then Ryan came, we slacked for a while longer, and Chit Min left to go somewhere whilst Ryan and I decided to go to Raffles Place and took a bus from Vivo to Tanjong Pagar this time cause we were lazy to walk.

They should have invested in a fish-eye lens and saved money. Or a rotating camera.

For some reason we ended up walking to Clarke Quay. Hahaha.

Saw some guy taking pictures of the Singapore skyline with an external flash mounted and camera upside down, so I decided to try it too. Maybe the flash bounces off the water or something. =D

I think the busker started walking back to his guitar when he saw us taking pictures.

Ryan's tongue =P

Hahaha. Blur pictures are so much harder to take than focused ones.

Went to Burger King for dinner and we saw this guy at the table next to us.
Note Ryan's long lens in the foreground.

We should compile a collection of people staring. Priceless.


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