Sunday, 29 March 2009


Haha went cycling last Monday from Hougang, to East Coast Park, to Changi Village, Tampines, and back to Hougang!

There was Lenson. Trying to cycle on water. =D

View Meng, trying to be emoh.

And Ivan, who loves Subways cups.

We cycled about 50km. if you include half of the mountain biking trail at Tampines. =O

Haven't cycled in a long time, haha so my legs were like ~~(wobbly) at the end la. =/ But it was quite okay. Started from Lenson's house first, then we went through some weird industrial roads and all.

Then we suddenly ended up at East Coast Park after some time. =D Hahaha then we went to the beach and started taking photos with my camera! I think we drew some weird stares la, cause you know, 4 guys with bikes posing for a camera and doing stupid things is not something you see everyday. But it was a Monday morning so it was quite deserted haha.

As a Photoshop expert, it was a true test of my skills to see whether I could recreate the same effect as another photoshop user. In this case, I tried to recreate Lenson's vintage effect on the above photo, seen here.

I think I messed up one or two steps though. Hm.

Hahaha. Eh it was quite hard to create that image okay. I get a headache just looking at it hah. Should sell the image to Pandaol or something, then they can use it in their advertisements! =D


Kallang Wave. Hahaha.

Lenson's bike was really light la. Like, carbon fiber frame with customised gears and disc-brakes that weight lighter? O.O

Went cycling down Easy Coast Park, then we saw sandcastles! =D

(This time I did the effect for real hahaha)

Was tempted to run in and stomp on the castles just to see if they were really made of sand or not hahaha. For all you know, it could just be cardboard boxes with sand super-glued to them. =/

Continued cycling down East Coast, then we went down Changi Coast Road that runs alongside the airport and runway which was super long. Hahaha.

Ended up at some forest place somewhere along the way? Full of tall narrow trees like in a coniferous forrest.

Lenson and me advertising for Ice Mountain. Mountain bikers mah.

Stopped at Subway Changi Village for lunch.


It's bigger than a grain of sand!

At least Ivan didn't swallow the spider and add a few extra proteins in his diet la.

View Meng eating a cookie. =)

Oh and this is View Meng's cup :

This is my cup :

And this, is Lenson's cup:
Tsk tsk, typical Singaporean ah.

(Ivan's cup is the one with the spider at the side. Hahaha.)

Didn't take any other pictures after that cause I was tiredlazy. Heh.

Went to Tampines mountain biking trail after lunch too. Haha. Wah so fun! Mountain biking is like, biking, but with a mountain! And it's so dangerous also cause of the thousands of mosquito bites which increases your chances of dengue significantly. Someone needs to empty the pots and cans of stagnant water there la. Got bitten so many times. =X

Haha. But mountain biking is fun la. Lots of mud and gravel and slopes and tracks and trees and plants that go smack against your face! =D

Cycled back to Hougang after completeing only half of the trail cause I had a headache for some reason. Maybe it was that picture above la. Never mind shall go again! Hahaha.

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