Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Gosh I haven't blogged in a million years! Haha. Mostly it's cause there's nothing much to blog about I guess. So I shall just blog random things and lump them together into a post. =D

Okay received my Enrolement Package from my Polytechnic sometime back, and went for my medical check-up! Gosh I grew 1cm higher! Hah. And my BMI was 18.5 which was just healthy only. =X The x-ray thing was rather cool too! Hahaha.

And Minghui has started working! Hahaha. Applied for a job at Ritz Carlton as a Banquet waiter with Chee Sheng and Eugene, and started work some Saturday back. Gosh working as a banquet waiter is tough man, and really really stressful and tiring, but I made quite a few friends and learned lots of stuff la. Haha. I'm going to start memorizing wine types from Chardonnay to Sauvignon Blanc and add it to my reperitore of adult conversation topics alongside blue chip stocks and Singapore's political system. =P

Hopefully I won't spill anything onto anyone when working though, hahaha. And I dislike Chinese dinners vehemently now. Why must there be 9 courses! Gahh.

School Cross-Country was also a few weeks back? Haha went back to take photos with Lenson, Stephen, Alvin and Ivan. Ryan was there too lah. =D It was held at the same place last year, although the route this time was longer. But that doesn't matter cause I've only run during Cross Country once during Sec 1. =O

Why didn't we have Milo last year!?!

Went walking around the route with Lenson taking pictures of people running past us. Haha.

Chee Sheng drinking water.

Nigel!! Hahaha.

Along the way we saw ants on an orange!

Ants on an orange!!

Hao Xiang motivating people to run faster. =O

Hao Xiang giving up before the finish line. XD

Same shoes! Hahaha but see Stephen's one very dirty already. =D

Oh yes Minghui also played for worship at Gracehaven with Guan You, Ming Ren, Cedric, Cheryl and Jolene. Played guitar there 3 times already? And Guan You was leading for the 3 times too. Haha. Although he introduced me as Uncle Bee's son for the past three times already gahh. Was quite tired and worn out cause I had work the day before till 12am and was rushing here and there on Saturday and Sunday, but the feeling there was worth it la. Sang a birthday song for my father too! Haha.

Oh yes my sister's birthday was a few weeks back too! Gave her an Elmo balloon! Hahaha.

Snowie wasn't too happy about it being tied to his tail though.

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