Thursday, 26 March 2009

Punggol End.

Went down to Punggol End last Tuesday with Ryan and Stephen to take pictures! Gosh I've been there countless times already, and each time I'm forever getting bitten by mosquitoes. =/

Haha went to Hougang for dinner at first, then we were deciding on where to explore around Punggol before giving up and going to Punggol End.


We reached there at around 7pm, according to my camera, and stayed there till around 9pm, haha.
Ryan with his nice shirt. Whoever bought for him has good taste la. =P (Heh Chitmin)

Sunset was quite nice, but I can't find time to go edit the HDRs. =/

But I did one. Hahaha. Took my computer 15 minutes just to compile the images. =/

Took a Panorama too! It doesn't look very awesome cause I didn't know I was taking just sea but ah never mind it's a panorama! Took my computer 20 minutes to stitch and align the picture. =X

Stayed till well after the Sun had set cause we're crazy people

Stumbled upon this prehistoric cave drawing of a man fishing! Okay la I drew it using my awesome drawing skills and the stick that man was holding. In case you don't know what stick I'm talking about :

Yep. Thanks to Stephen for lending his SB-900 and standing at some obscure corner aiming the wireless flash at my masterpiecedrawing. =D

Haha tried this super cool effect with Stephen and my strobes too.

Haha okay Ryan and me both look overexposed because the strobes had to be set to manual because they were different models. Shall try again next time uh. =)

We stayed there till around 9pm, then we left cause the mosquitoes were biting like crazy. Bleah. Took 82 to my house, then walked to the Kopitiam a few blocks down and had supper. Reached home at around 10pm? Can't remember ah.

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