Thursday, 5 March 2009


Haha I think I took pictures of the same rainbow Lenson saw! =O

Anyways, I was sitting at home doing nothing much, then I realised the sky outside was orange-y and all. Orange-y skies usually mean nice sunsets, so I went out to take pictures! Haha but I didn't realise it was actually raining until I stepped out of the house, but I carried on anyways.

As you all know, through some complicated process as a result of precipitation in the sky from the condensation of vapour in the air and light from the Sun striking the droplets at an angle, a rainbow was formed! =D

The rainbow isn't very visible, so I photoshopped another!


Pot of Gold = Punggol Plaza.

Oh yes, have you ever wondered what a rainbow looks like in Black and White? Wonder no more!

Walked around taking pictures of other things too. =)

Haha no one else was about cause no one was as crazy as me to go walking in the rain. =/

Sunset wasn't really nice too. =( And it started raining heavily so I went back soon after.

Minghui's random artistic picture. =D

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