Thursday, 2 April 2009

Cheryl's Graduation.

Haha went to Cheryl's Graduation Ceremony from Tung Ling Bible College last Thursday. Met up with Church people at Church first. And it was on Timothy's birthday too! Haha.

Timothy found this giant ball of light on the way to school.

The radioactive ice-cream! Haha. We were bored waiting for Biru and Cedric to come and played around with the remote flash on manual settings. =D

Having a heart to heart talk with Patrick.

Haha reached there rather late. Cause we went to pick up Cedric somewhere and made a wrong turn and took a long time la. But the ceremony was quite interesting, lots of people from different countries, and worship was great too. Saw a giant floating Elmo graduating too. Hahaha.


And the Elmo balloon belonged to Cheryl. Hahaha.

Group Photo.

Victor with flowers. =O

Tearing apart a piece of bread.

Hahaha. And Biru just discovered how to play chopsticks.

Guys with flowers. =D

Rose! Haha I'm going to photoshop this!! Someday.

Haha we went back after that, had supper at Toa Payoh, then Matthew sent us home in his company van which has this irritating speed limit sound hahaha.

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