Sunday, 22 March 2009

Coleman's Birthday.

Coleman's Birthday was last last Friday! Heh. Okay I posted the photos on Facebook already but didn't blog about it so. Bought him a t-shirt with a broken Tv Screen, and Timothy bought him a cake. Haha my Cell Group's so awesome ah.

Bought him a cake.

And the present, but Timothy Lim's photo-taking skills a bit..sighs. =P

Did other stupid things also. But I can't remember anything already! Hahaha. Okay had to leave early though. Cause I had work the next day. Reached home at around midnight.

Haha and worked from 7am to 7pm at Ritz Carlton in the morning! Working in the Morning is less tiring, but you feel so tired cause it's in the Morning. Unthinkable. But it's quite slack cause it's just hotel morning breakfast buffet so no need to serve food, haha. And I broke 2 glasses sometime in the Afternoon cause the guy in front of me dropped his entire tray and broke 20+ glasses at one shot and I stepped back automatically and the glasses on the tray I was holding dropped. =/ But heng dunnid pay ah

Minghui the hunter! Rawr! (Timothy = Zoey :D)

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