Monday, 2 March 2009

Elaine's Birthday.

Okay Minghui did one of the most embarrassing things of his life! Hahaha. A bunch of girls bought a balloon for Elaine's birthday present on Saturday and asked me to collect on Tuesday as they weren't free on that day. Me being the spastic spontaneous easy-going guy, agreed without thinking much about it. Hahaha.

Asked Hao Xiang to meet me on Tuesday and went down to Bugis to collect the balloon. Haha. Shockingly, it was the same balloon Jun Liang bought for someone eh. *cough* I think like along the way there I realised I was going to have to carry the balloon back home, and it was during the peak period too. Hahahaha.

If some people stare at you if you have a professional looking camera (like Lenson), everyone stares at you when you have a balloon. And even worse cause we were 2 guys with a balloon. =D

Should have bought my camera and pretended I was a professional freelancer doing a cover shoot for Balloon Weekly and heading to an on-location shoot. Blah.

Anyways, took pictures with Hao Xiang's Pixon.

At least it wasn't heart-shaped. =D

And we went to Burger King at Tampines for dinner, with a balloon floating between us, and we went to Ikea for ice-cream after that. Note that Hao Xiang has a girl friend already so nothing between us ah.

Alright! Now I need to go find more weird silly things to do with my free time!

Anyways, Elaine's birthday was the day after. Got some weird stares from my family when I reached home, haha. Went to Sentosa to celebrate.

Bert and Ernie taking care of the volleyball and snacks.


Random artistic picture! Beach was rather empty cause it was a Thursday. =)

Wedding Photo. Taken by me lehh. =D

Nigel doing the Chinese Dance move invented by Bernice. =D

Ice Cream cake from Swensen's. With lots of dry ice at the sides.

Chee Sheng lighting the candles. =)

Chee Sheng's Science Experiment. Hah.

Some exotic mix of seawater and dry ice in a coconut shell.


Nigel and Chee Sheng burying someone?!

Contemporary art piece by Nigel, Chee Sheng and me. =)

At one point Nigel, Chee Sheng and me decided to go swim to the southernmost point breakwater thing. Hahaha. We sort of misjudged the distance cause the current kept dragging us back and we took a long time to swim even halfway there. It was about 2 and 1/2 swimming pool lengths la. Then Chee Sheng started laughing halfway and we all start laughing for some reason. =D But we made it in the end la, heh.

We went to Vivo city after that, and met Hao Xiang and his red car plate! =O Then went to Chomp Chomp for dinner where we met Yi Hong and Wei Kit.

Oh then someone decided to go play L4D so we went to Hougang Plaza to play, but the computers there were all booked so we played Counter Strike instead and laughed like crazy cause we were playing stupid maps. Hahahahaha.

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