Friday, 27 March 2009

March Holidays.

Haha okay the March Holidays didn't really matter much to me compared to the past 10 years cause I'm sort of like holiday-ing everyday anyways? Hahaha. =P

Anyways, had a March Holiday event sort of thing on Thursday for the Church Youths and went down to play games and stuff. Haha. Was organised by Dora, Cedric, Bryan and my sister so I had to go.

First we were supposed to create a food dish? Hah my cell group made a nice, healthy, nutritious salad with sauteed mushrooms, fresh garden greens and sprinkled with a generous portion of sunflower seeds and bacon chips even though there were only 3 of us guys okay.

Okay the mushrooms were more like stir-fried, but sauteed and stir fried like the same la. And the garden greens came from the supermarket so should be fresh right, no such thing as unfresh vegetables. Hahaha. =P

It looks rather nice but I don't have a picture of it. =/ And Timothy and I were like trying struggling to close the lid on the container for about 15 minutes until his mum told us the secret in pressing the center. =X

Pictures! Started by playing Blokus cause some people were late.

It's like a very strategic game but with a very simple, easy to understand concept. =D

Leonard contemplating his next move.

Then we went outside and started playing our first 'game' which was rather fresh. Cause it involved toothpaste. (Hahaha bad joke)


Had to pick a strip of paper from a box, and the paper contained the name of a body part. Then you had to transfer this blob of toothpaste from 1 person to another in your group using only that body part. Haha. It's quite a stupid orientation game that I've never played before. =D

I was quite heng cause I got big toe. Hahaha. Although I bet my toe started smelling like toothpaste after that already.

Leonard was the most suay cause he had buttocks. Hahaha.

Then we went on to play the next game. It was like the carry water from one pail to fill this bottle without moving the pail kind of thing. Except the bottle was like:

And it was filled with a million and one holes. Gahh.

We ended up filling the bottle with rocks to decrease the volume capacity of the bottle. Heh.

Then we went to the next game.

Was quite complicating cause there was 1 person blindfolded, 2 people who could talk but not see the blindfolded guy, and the rest able to see but not talk. Hahaha. The blindfolded person had to transfer water from a pail to another pail using 2 cups.

Guan You and Jolene got sabo-ed to be the blindfolded person. Hahaha.

We gave up after about 15 minutes cause the pails were simply too large! Hahahaha.

Ended up splashing water on each other. =)

Walked back to Corps after our supply of water ran out, then met Dezmand on the way back. =D

I crept up to the bird to take this picture! Hahaha it flew off almost immediately after. =/

Then we saw this cool-looking jeep parked next to Church and took a picture with it! Hah.

Yup nothing much after that, we ended off with food, then played daidi for awhile, then went back home. =)

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