Thursday, 26 February 2009

Valentine's Day.

Okay, my Valentine's day was spent entirely with guys. Hahaha. Went with Lenson and Ryan to Labrador park to take pictures of the romantic couples sunset, although the sunset was very disappointing cause you couldn't see the sun at all.

Ah but before that I spent the past 2 days baking chocolate chip cookies! For a fundraiser thing, so we baked about 72 boxes? I'm such an expert at baking cookies that I've memorised the recipe already. =P Quick someone hire me to make cookies for them ah.

I was quite sick of cookies after baking them so many times, but I think the phobia has worn off already hahaha.

Okay went to meet Ryan and Lenson at Funan the IT mall on Saturday, and they were at the 'Lan shop'. Which was actually just the demo section of Challenger for people to try out games. Hahaha.

We went walking around and I went to find my camera's remote! Gosh, it was out of stock in almost all the stalls we went, but I finally bought it somewhere for $29.90.

I'm lazy to go take a picture of what the remote looks like, so go here to see.

Oh Lenson bought an orange juice squeezer too, and they both got rockets! Blee.

Then we took a train to Vivo city, and walked to Labrador park. We gave up and took a bus in after 4 or 5 bus stops though. Hahaha.

Stayed at the Labrador park area for about 2 hours waiting for the sun to set. Did lots of stupid things la, like playing with my new remote. Hahaha.

Hahaha. I think I'm going to take a lot more pictures of myself ah. =)

Lenson the distinguished English gentleman.

Lenson again. Doing something with water bottles. =P

Very tempted to photoshop this picture.

This picture also. Hahaha. I got nothing else to take pictures of what..

Sunset was just a cloudy patch of orange. =(

Tried out Lenson's orange juice squeezer also. =D

Then we took a bus back to Vivo, ate at Superdog and saw Yixiu and Mayuri working there? Then we went to Plaza Sing and waited for Chit Min who went somewhere. *cough* Hahaha. Walked back home with Chit Min, then waited around for Hao Xiang. Someone got lost in Punggol ah. Sighs.

Went walking around Punggol and taking pictures! It was sort of like 2am already though. =O

Went to the 'haunted house' place and saw lots of strange things on the floor. Hahaha. Like a door?

Hao Xiang taking a picture of a door.

Tried like 3 minutes exposure of the house with my new remote. =D

Doesn't look very nice though, cause it was 2am in the Morning and the mosquitoes were biting like crazy. Shall go back again soon! Hahaha.

And no I didn't see anything scary, unless you count Hao Xiang wearing a sleeveless shirt ah. =P

Went to Kopitiam for supper. Hahaha. At first we ordered Roti Prata, then Hao Xiang suddenly craved to eat Economic bee hoon. So in the end we ate economic bee hoon too. =D Super full man. And we saw Galvin and his friend too. Hahaha.

Reached home at around 3am feeling super tired.

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