Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Okay. Shall mash things I did the past few days into 1 post. =)

Taught Koon Tat how to cycle on Thursday! Wee. Hahaha. I'm such an awesome teacher, should start charging for lessons. =D I got an Adidas shaped cut on my right leg at some point when cycling though. But not as horrible as Koon Tat whom had cuts everywhere. =/ But he say not pain sia, so man! =)

Went swimming on Friday morning with Lenson and Ivan. View Meng pangseh us and went to Red camp. Was supposed to go Sengkang, but it was closed for some event thing. So we went to Hougang instead. Then laughed at stupid things. And went for lunch at Hougang mall. Went to Lenson's house after that and played around with Photoshop. Like super geeks, hahaha.

I'm a Vampire!! Twilight!! Ahahahaha.

Went home, changed, then met my sister at J8 for dinner at Subway. Went for cell group. Only Rachel, Ming Ren and me. Met the speakers for the Youth Camp too. =)

Woke up early on Saturday and went to Changi Village. Checked out the chalets for the camp. Chalets look quite nice, very big and roomy. =D Then had chicken rice for lunch at this $2 chicken rice shop. O.o Went to watch Madagascar 2 at The Cathay with Koon Tat, Fiona and Denise. Thanks Denise for treating us cause she had free movie tickets! =)

Madagascar 2 is a nice movie. Stupid, but funny. =D I think King Julian is the best, hahaha. Freaks.

Woke up even earlier on Sunday morning and went with Chee Sheng, Eugene, Wei Ting, Woei Jiun and Elaine to meet Hao Xiang at the airport. =D

Chee Sheng is as tall as the airport control tower!!

Our lao da with golden hair. =D

Walked around the airport deciding where to eat, then finally went to Swensens. Had breakfast/lunch there. Then everyone else went home whilst Eugene and me went to Hao Xiang's house for a while. Then went to Tampines MRT and Eugene went off from there. Then Hao Xiang and me went to catch a movie. Madasgacar 2. -.- Watching the same show two days in a row is quite boring. Blah. Fell asleep at some boring parts, but it's still quite a funny show la. Lol.

On the way back home, this cat started stalking me! Met it at the void deck, then it followed me into the lift and down again because I was afraid it would follow me into my house. Hahaha.

Okay la, the cat was rather friendly. And lazy. I think it's even lazier than my dog if that's even possible. Hahaha.

Whilst in the lift. -.-

And it started rubbing against my leg like it was a cushion. -.- And it tried to bite and play with my headphone wire! Tried to lure it outside the security gate, but then it simply squeezed back in. In the end I took the stairs up and left it at the void deck. Hahaha. But my dog ran away from me when I came home though. =(

Oh. And the Ninja theme for Gmail is awesome! Hahaha.

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