Monday, 17 November 2008

Unit Hike 2008.

Okay. Went with my squadmates for the Unit Hike last Saturday. Woke up at am unbelievable 6.30am and changed. First time wearing Senior NCO t-shirt although we got it like during the Science Day back in July. =O

Haha. Started thinking back about past year's unit hikes. Went from Macritchie Reservoir to Bukit Timah hill back in Sec 1, then went to Pulau Ubin in Sec 2, then Urban hike at Ang Mo Kio area in Sec 3. Woah. Like some Geography case study on Development or something. =D

Anyways, this year we went to the Southern Ridges, with all those newly constructed bridges and trails and walkways and all that. But I went there before! Hahaha. =) It was more of an amazing race though, so we were running at some points.

Met up with squadmates at 7-11 first. Then went to buy ice-mountains and sandwiches. Like last time. Haha.

The hike wasn't really tiring in my opinion. But I was really tired because the past few days were super exhausting and I slept at 2am that Morning. But had lots of fun la. Hahaha. I don't care I'm going to post unglam pictures this time. =P Yes I ran around with a D80 in my hand. =D

Started off by playing a treasure hunt kind of game. Supposed to find sticks of Mentos. Haha. Then when we found the mentoses we started running back to the start point. Ran past this bunch of middle-aged ladies and one of them saw me with the camera and shouted: "Paparazzi ah?" super loudly. =S

"After a long walk, it's time for a rest." Wah Chee Sheng super smart in solving the clue ah. ;)

Played a lot of other stupid games at checkpoints. =D Haha. A bit embarrassing ah, but who cares. =P

Taken by Woei Jiun. Hao Xiang and me were way way in front of them. =D

Wah. This 'caterpillar' game was very painful. Like supposed to hook up your legs, then walk with your hands to the finish point. Then that Wei Kit and Eugene behind me didn't walk fast enough. Then..never mind. Censored. Haha.

We walked to the wrong checkpoint because of misleading clues! Haha but never mind our aim was not to win but to have fun! So, give them chance ah. XD

Hahaha. Wee!

Did even more stupid things when we were blindfolded with our ponchos. =S

Shao Kiat in the process of eating his Mentos. Got one more very unglam picture of him. But...never mind. =)

Chee Sheng is taller than the tree!!!

Hao Xiang trying to be a pirate.

Chee Sheng and me providing the backdrop. Haha. But I'm not tall enough larr. -.-

Group photo. =D

Group photo again. =D

Okay time for other pictures. =)

For some reason I'm not afraid of heights at all. In fact, it's like the opposite la. I like standing at high places and looking down. Heehee.

If I could, I'd go back and take the picture from a lower angle. =\ But haiyar, never mind.

It's a plastic flower.

Saw this at the front of a bus. Haha. Doesn't look cheery uh. Irony!!

Squirrel! Or chipmunk. Or hamster. Hahaha.

It's a store and more. Not my bag though. =D


Reminds me of the Cable Car song.

Okay. The vignetting on the last three photos was edited in by the way, so it's not a problem which my lens or what. Haha.

Shall end with a photo that was taken when we were playing the blindfold game.

Chee Sheng: "Where's everybody?!?"
Eugene: "This game is stupid."
Wei Kit: "Haha I can see Hao Xiang"
Hao Xiang: "La La La."
Me: "*inside joke*"
Gang Yi: "Eh Taxi!!"
Woei Jiun: "Wah why am I here."
Elaine: "Heehee this game is fun."
Wei Ting: "Elaine you siao ah?!"

The above caption is a fictitious article and may not accurately represent the current thoughts of the persons depicted in the photograph. Any discrepancy or misrepresentation is purely accidental. =)

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