Saturday, 15 November 2008


Blah. Was super tired throughout this week cause I was mostly out and about.

Chit Min came over to my house today for guitar lesson. Hahaha. I think I should start charging ah. $5 per lesson or something. Taught him Heart of Worship which is the first song I ever learned on guitar too. =D Then walked to his house with him, taking photos along the way.

Inside joke uh. Involves some secret garden. Hahaha.

Before Photoshop.

After Photoshop. =D Although I did a really sloppy clone stamp job. Haha.

Tried the Mega Mac for dinner too. =O

It's nothing much la, I still feel the same after eating it. Haha.

Woke up really early in the Morning at around 7 to go swimming with Ivan and View Meng on Thursday. Went to Anchorvale Community Club. Haha. Swam laps, then played the slides, then swam laps again. Was quite exhausted by then already because I slept at 3am reading a really scary novel. =D

Walked to Compass Point after that, and had breakfast at KFC. I never knew that KFC had a breakfast menu. Maybe cause the outlet at Hougang Mall is not open in the Morning. Quite nice ah. Ate until quite full, then started talking about Red Alert 3 and laughing. Haha. Super geeky ah.

Went home, bathed and changed and went out again. Went to Bugis with Hao Xiang, Chee Sheng, Koon Tat. Chit Min met us there too. Spent like, the entire afternoon walking from Bugis Junction to Bugis Street and back and forth. But bought almost everything for the graduation party there. Had dinner at Pastamania, then I went to Compass Point to meet my sister and buy our shoes together. My legs were like super nua by the time I reached home la.

Went to Ivan's house on Friday to play Halo with View Meng. Haha. Wah. I went to the wrong house intially la. -.- Ivan's 15 sounded like 16 on the phone. So I ended up in a very embarrasing situation trying to explain to someone that I got the wrong house. =\

Played various matches with different gametypes, View Meng is a pro at Stalker, and Ivan is a pro at, Ivan. Haha. Because we invented our own gametype called Ivan. Sort of like oddball where you try to kill the person whom is 'it', and whomever kills 'it' becomes the next 'it'. Hahaha. Quite fun, especially become 'it' keeps changing from person to person.

Had lunch at Rivervale mall, then I went off to meet Koon Tat at Hougang. Went to Tampines mall to look for his shoes and for our belts. Haha. Talked a lot with him too. =) Then I rushed back home to grab my torchbearers shirt because I forgot to bring it, and rushed to Junction 8 to meet my sister.

Blah. Kept playing wrong chords during Worship. =\ Had Cell group, then took 136 home.

Reached home at around 12.10am and went to sleep. =D

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