Sunday, 9 November 2008

Wei Ting's Birthday

Met up with Koon Tat on Thursday morning to study for Geography paper in the afternoon. A bit last minute ah. Then we decided to call Wei Ting and wake her up to wish her happy birthday. Heh. But unfortunately she was already awake. Crazy la, awake at 10am. =S

Human Geography was quite okay. I thought it was easier than Physical, so I wrote much longer. Hands were aching by the time I finished. My Physical paper was rather horrible because I mixed up East and West. Gah. Can fail orienteering already la.

Went home after that, changed and went out to Hougang to meet the rest. That Joshua ah, told everyone to wear long sleeve formal shirts. Haha. Then when we met him, Yi Hong, Woei Jiun and Elaine at Plaza Sing he was wearing t-shirt and shorts cause they went Sentosa. -.-

Went to Clarke Quay and surprised Wei Ting. Okay celebrated my birthday too. =)

Then we had dinner at this non-airconditioned place. Super hot man. Metaphorically and literally. Laughed at lots of stupid things again, then we walked back to Central and went to Dhoby Ghaut to meet Macrina Mdm. Was like discussing about where to go but in the end everyone went home. -.- Went to Chee Sheng's house with Hao Xiang to collect his bag then took a train back.

Don't have nice pictures of the cake because Hao Xiang was using the camera with external flash set at M 1/1. -.- Sighs.
Joshua was playing some game on a PSP, and me and Eugene were trying to create some surround sound effect for him. Like:"BAM, BOOM, WHOOSH" Hahaha.

Taken by someone other than me. Haha. But the angle very nice eh. Chee Sheng looks taller.

At least the cake is visible. =D

Chee Sheng: "Why are the tables circular? Because we are at Circular Road." =\

Upside down.

Have lots of other unglam photos. And lots of photos of me taken by Hao Xiang when we were waiting for Nina and Matthew at Dhoby Ghaut. Hahaha. People were staring at the two of us la. =S

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