Sunday, 23 November 2008

The Southern Ridges.

Went out with Ryan, Lenson, Stephen and Alvin to take pictures at the Southern Ridges on Tuesday. Wah. A bit boring because I'd been there barely 3 days ago. But okay la, at least this time I wasn't forced to run around like a crazy person and do stupid things. This time I did the running and stupid things of my own accord. =D

Woke up at an amazing time of 11am. Blah. But I reached home at 1am after Prom Night, so I'm excused ah. Haha. Then went to Vivo to meet them and was cheated by Ryan into standing on top of the hill at the playground and waving my hands. Gah.

Walked some weird way to the Henderson Waves bridge. Hahaha. I didn't know that there was a trail direct from Habourfront MRT. Oh well, you learn something new everyday. =)


My Shirt. =D

Was taking some random picture of something when I looked up and saw this. Woah. O.O

Super long flight of steps leading up to the bridge. Was climbing to the first landing, when I turned around and saw this!

I feel like a model ah. Hahaha.

Group photo! Nikon, Nikon, Nikon, Nikon, Sony. Haha. =D

Lenson traded in his D300 for a Pink and Blue Holga. No la, he was helping some people take photo.

Two Monkeys. Taking pictures of two monkeys. (heh)

Okay, I did take pictures of the monkey too. =D

Drain Photography. A new outflow of creative expression. ;D

I look scary. =D

I didn't know Bus went to . O.O

Walked across Henderson Waves, then we turned back and walked toward Habourfront already. Went to MacDonald's for a drink, then Alvin and Lenson went off whilst Ryan, Stephen and me when to Labrador park to take more pictures. =D


Taken by setting shutter speed to 30 seconds and swinging the camera around. And Ryan firing the flash gun at random intervals. =D

And I banged into this stupid overhanging branch. too tall -.-

Ryan's film camera. I think it's very nice to take pictures of his camera, haha.

Went for dinner at Superdog at Vivo, then took a train back home.

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