Sunday, 9 November 2008

Random Things.

Shall update about the various things that have been happening in the life of zmh. =D

Helped out at my mother's kindergarten graduation. Did a bunch of IT-related things la. Then stayed in the soundroom with Adriel and Amy watching the concert. Wah. The kindergarten kids are very cute la. Haha. And I think they have a lot of guts to do dance moves on stage I wouldn't dare to do. And they do it so effortlessly without any concern about self-image or appearance. Very contrasting from my own graduation concert la. =S

My left index finger feels rather sore and painful after playing guitar for worship last Friday. It's like the spot between the third and second phalanx. I have no idea how I knew it was called a phalanx. But now I can't really play barre chords, which is okay since I'm starting to play the more basic songs that I learned since picking up the guitar two years back. =D

Haha. And that Hao Xiang put this misleading personal messange in his Msn: "Yes, you're the one I'm looking for"
Then I was wondering for like 3 days who that person was, haha. *evil look*
And when we were finally both online at the same time and I asked him, he told me it was a song lyric from Just The Girl by The Click Five. -.-
The words aren't even the same. "She's just the girl I'm looking for" and "You're the one I'm looking for" got a lot of difference la. -.- I'm going to put some misleading personal message next time. Heh.

Currently addicted to Red Alert 3. =O So much more fun than Geo Challenge on Facebook or Pet Society. Haha. Brings back lots of memories of playing Red Alert 2 and Red Alert too. =D The soundtrack for the game is awesome man.

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