Sunday, 5 September 2010

Swimming Plasters.

Today I went swimming. I rarely swim on a weekend, because it costs 20 cents more (ya i know right 20 cents!!), and because it's really crowded and I'm always banging and bumping into people. But anyways, I went to swim at Sengkang, which is pretty much the only pool around the area. Meaning it's like the City Hall of swimming pools.

I was swimming in the continuous lap center lane, and I was somewhere around the middle of a lap, when I had to slow down because there was a woman in front of me. Then I noticed that she had a plaster on her heel, probably because of some feet-mangling shoes she wore, and that the plaster was flapping about with each stroke. It was waving around like it belonged on a bed of corrals, like it was the antiseptic tail of a fish, like handkerchiefs waved by damsels in distress.

Then the plaster came off and I watched in revulsion and horror as it started floating innocently towards me.

I immediately changed lanes and overtook the woman and that floating plaster. And on the return lap you could see the plaster suspended in the water; drawn to the currents caused by the people swimming around it (and touching some of those people as well).

I think I shall swim at school more often. The swimming pool at my school has a 3-metre deep end, and most of the time there are only 4 or 5 people swimming in the 10 lanes. And the people swimming there don't wear plasters because they're all manly/sporty people. And best of all, entry is free. :)

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