Monday, 20 September 2010

Jams For Lunch.

About many weeks ago Yin Xue and I made a very impromptu decision to play for Jams For Lunch.
Jams for Lunch is like this performance thing that happens during lunch time in my school.

It was a very impromptu decision because we only decided that we would play on the audition day itself and chose the songs barely 15 minutes before auditioning. Haha and we got in for some reason (sheer talent :P).

Decided to call ourselves Pik and Chu, because we played the Pokemon Theme Song, alongside many other 4 chord songs that we linked together to form a medley hahaha.

Haha it went rather well, no huge mistakes, and I thought Yin Xue was a very entertaining yet awesomely talented singer hahaha. Yeah go Pik and Chu. I think we should do video covers and post on YouTube.

Okay pictures! I don't think I took any of these pictures.
Deon and Alex performing before us.

Okay rest of the pictures on Facebook. :)

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