Sunday, 26 September 2010

New Zealand Day 6.

I know this is long overdue and you may have probably forgotten all about the trip but day 6 is BUNGY-JUMP DAY.
I was neatly side-tracked by this really distracting, pointless, energy-sapping, mood-altering thing called school. But school holidays are here! At least for a month. I ambitiously aim to finish blogging about the trip in a month.

Oh, if you want to go read what happened for the previous days you can click this magic link and it'll show you all the NZ trip posts.

Okay we woke up really really early on Day 6. Because we had to catch the bus to Queenstown at 8.30am. It was raining as well, so I think I slept on the bus for most of the way. I think, because I don't have any pictures to show what I did, so I was most probably sleeping. :D

Reached Queenstown again (because we were there three days ago) and this time we stayed at another hostel which was located on a hill. A really steep hill.
Super Tiring.
Our room had this balcony overlooking the town and a nice al-fresco dining area. So we had lunch with an awesome view and weather.
We ate bread because we were very budget. And not hungry. Hahaha.
View from our room. You could see mountains in the distance. And the Gondola leading up to the BUNGY-JUMP.

After lunch we walked back down the hill. 
Much easier than going up.
A cat appeared from under a car and it started walking towards me.
Haha it was a friendly cat. :)
We didn't go into this shop because none of us had any interest in Beads.

Okay we had time to kill before the BUNGY-JUMPING so we went GROCERY SHOPPING.
We decided to buy groceries and cook dinner ourselves. :D
Choosing potatoes.
 Choosing eggs.
Choosing cheese.
Okay after our GROCERY SHOPPING we climbed back up the hill to the hostel room and went back down again. This time towards the Skyline Gondola.
 Giant Christmas Tree!
"A giant frog on a car! Quick tourist shot!"
"A sign! Quick another tourist shot!"
 A photograph on photography.
We had to pay for the cable-car/gondola ride, but we also paid for 5 Luge rides. :D
My ticket.
We saw a rainbow on the way up!
We reached the top and went walking around taking pictures.
 Then we went to check in at the BUNGY-JUMP counter. =D That ledge is where we jumped off from.
 Weighed us immediately before jumping for safety reasons, and I gained lots and lots of weight! Haha I'm usually only about 55kg. Okay then we jumped. I went first.
There's a video of me jumping on Facebook taken by Lenson with his iphone. Haha.
The jump was awesome. It's the exact same feeling you get when you jump off a building. Or somewhat like doing a flying fox without holding on to any handles. It only lasted about 9 exhilarating seconds but it was enough to convince me to want to do it again. Haha. In fact I think roller-coasters aren't fun anymore compared to bungy-jumping.
Our free t-shirt/certificate.
 This is a very unglam shot of me.
Haha then we went to the luge ride!
 Ryan on the chairlift.
 The luge rides were fun! Not as fun as bungy-jumping. But definitely a lot cheaper. Haha. The track was longer and more fun than the Sentosa one, with like slopes and sharp corners.
Didn't take many pictures because I was too busy having fun. :P
 Caught this awesome scenery in a shop.
It was a postcard! :P
We went out to the observatory deck where you could see the whole of Queenstown. Unfortunately it started raining.
The rain got heavier so we decided to take a taxi back to the hostel. The taxi ride was really expensive (but Lenson paid).
Then we started cooking! :D
 We were initially supposed to make a kind of omelette with potatoes and sliced beef inside, but we realised as we were dicing the potatoes that we had more potatoes than eggs. :/ So the eggs kind of disappeared into the whole dish.
 And the potatoes were undercooked and crunchy. :/ But it was fun la haha adventure.
Okay then we went to sleep. :)

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