Monday, 20 September 2010

Shopping At Ikea.

Went to Ikea for lunch with Deon Russell Yun Theng and Crystal some time ago. :) First we went to eat meatballs!
Then we went shopping because Yun Theng was looking for furniture for her new room. Actually Yun Theng did most of the furniture hunting. The rest of us just erm..
Deon's new chair.
Deon's new hat.
Russell the Martin Yan wannabe tries to show us his skills in the kitchen.
As Deon and Crystal watch in awe.
Yun Theng planning out her room hahaha.
As we neared the exit we discovered the trolleys.
I think I need to start restricting my blog posts to only have a maximum of 5 Russell pictures. :D

Rest of the pictures on Facebook. :)

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